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Life on the ground in Israel

We have eaten so much dairy » wk-shavuot-3566

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  1. Rhoda Says:

    I, like so many others, will be following the tour…some of us have been to Israel…some have not…..doesn’t matter… bring it all to life! Will keep you, and everyone traveling with you in prayer….(Psalm 91)………and may the Lord, through you, reach many other pre believers and bring them to Himself…..Love, Rhoda

  2. Sonny Dinger Says:

    HI There,
    It must be a very Special Feeling/ Anointing, walking where Jesus walked,
    visiting the places you have read about for years, hearing the people talk
    the Language all around as you walk thru the Holy City, I don’t think I could
    stop weeping, such an Amazing Holy City! Thank you so much for the article,
    I just learned of Lola site, and signed for your newsletter, I will be studying
    with you,… have already started, I always Love the Psalms,
    God Bless you ,I will be writing more emails , I Love to write, wish I could be there
    writing articles/blogs as you do,
    Bro. Sonny.
    Patterson La. U S A
    thank you for Listening,

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