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We have eaten so much dairy

Shalom from a very hot Jerusalem.  I guess Summer has arrived and would guess it is in the 90’s today with a very light breeze.

Last night, Will and I went to the Western Wall to celebrate Shavuot. (The weather was warm, but bearable.)  It is one of the three holidays, that Jews gather in Jerusalem, the other two being Passover and Tabernacles.   We have also eaten so much dairy foods.   We arrived there about 7pm and sundown was about 8:30.  Very  few people were there when we got there, so we got a great spot for pictures and people watching.  About 8:30, the plaza was crowded with most people wearing white.  It was so moving to remember that the Holy Spirit was sent at Shavuot/Pentecost and I was standing in Jerusalem where it happened.

I had the best cheesecake this morning for breakfast (more dairy).  Creamy and light.  I had double portions, it was so good.  Jerusalem is quiet again for this holiday.  Most businesses are closed and the city will come alive after sundown.

The Byrd family (Randy, Debbie and Rachel) arrived safely last night and I got to visit with them today.  First on the agenda was a walk to the old city and the Western Wall.  Most  everything was closed, but we got  to walk around the Jewish Quarter and the City of David.  Lunch was at the YMCA across the street from the King
David Hotel.  We were very grateful they were open.  The food was good.  I had the tomato/mozzarella salad ( yes, dairy).  Chicken Salad, big burger and chicken strips were all good.

The tour group is on their way to Israel and I meet up with them tomorrow afternoon.  Please keep us in your prayers.

I am planning on blogging while on the tour.  Thanks for reading.

5 Responses to “We have eaten so much dairy”

  1. Joyce C Says:

    Dear Sandra, I am with you in spirit as you travel in Israel. What a blessing your blogs are & I love that you are including pictures. I have been to Israel 4 times & each time it is more exciting & wonderful than the time before. I always leave a part of my heart behind. I am going back in April 2009 & bringing a group with me to volunteer at BFP. I have a question & I don’t know if you can or will answer it, but I am trying to find a B&B to stay in. Several have been recommened, but do not have good reveues. Can you tell me where you are staying or recommend one? I know this might not be poissible but I thought I would ask. I love your minisry & have been a long time follower. Love to you, Will & Jeffery,
    Joyce from Apopka, Fl

  2. Emily Says:

    Thank You, Sandra for sharing with the ones of us stuck here in the USA but wanting to be traveling with you. I look so forward to checking on your notes and will continue to pray for you and for God’s beloved. Love, Emily G

  3. Uri Says:


    Great pictures from this beautiful places.



  4. ryan Says:

    you need to stop milking cows ever day!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. arnaldo perez Says:

    Good Morning : Dear Sandra, Some day I will like to travel to Israel. But I have a big concern when the Israel government will bill a Big Start of David At front of the Muslim temple . Avery time that I see this in all the pictures from Israel . Bowl my hard .Please have this in mind , for long time God put this in my hard . I hope will be considered.

    Brothers in Christ: Naldo