Bennett: Israel to Set Up ‘Global Network Shield’ against Growing Cyberthreat

By: Shoshanna Solomon – Times of Israel;

PM calls on ‘like-minded’ nations to join network to detect, alert and respond to attacks in real time; Israel cybersecurity chief warns: ‘Cyber winter is here’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Wednesday that Israel was setting up a “global network shield” within which partner-governments globally will collaborate in real time to identify cybersecurity attacks, raise the alert and work together to develop solutions.

It will be an “online, real-time global network defense,” Bennett said at the Cyber Week conference in Tel Aviv. “We invite all like-minded good countries to join forces.”

In the face of cyberthreats, the partnership will “alert, investigate, together develop a ‘vaccine’ and disperse the ‘vaccine’ to all countries in the network. United we stand, divided we fall,” he said.

Ire Swirls as Israel Vows to Fight Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Boycott

By: Ariel Kahana & ILH Staff – Israel Hayom;

Company panned for capitulating to BDS. PM Bennett: This decision is morally wrong and I believe that it will become clear that it is also commercially wrong.

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s found itself in hot water Monday after declaring it will no longer sell its products beyond Israel’s pre-1967 Green Line.

The decision, widely panned as a capitulation to the anti-Israeli boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, has seen lawmakers from across the political spectrum mobilize to have it overturned.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett slammed Ben & Jerry’s decision, saying, “There are many ice cream brands, but only one Jewish state. Ben & Jerry’s decided to brand itself as the anti-Israel ice cream. This decision is morally wrong and I believe that it will become clear that it is also commercially wrong.

“The boycott against Israel – a democracy surrounded by islands of terrorism – reflects a total loss of way. The boycott does not work and will not work, and we will fight it with full force,” he tweeted on Monday night.

Media Malpractice in the West has Caused Permanent Harm to Israel

By: Melanie Phillips – Jewish News Syndicate;

The effect of the invidious role played in helping foment murderous rage against the Jewish state and the Jewish people, while sanitizing the behavior of the Palestinians, is incalculable.

This week, Israel signed a deal for the immediate transfer to South Korea of 700,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, which are due to expire at the end of this month. In exchange, South Korea will return the same amount of vaccines to Israel from a future order later this year.

This is a win-win deal. Israel has found a good use for vaccines surplus to its current requirements and which would otherwise shortly expire; South Korea is being helped to accelerate its vaccination program.

But there’s another significant feature of this arrangement. These 700,000 vaccines are part of the approximately 1 million unused doses that Israel was offering the Palestinian Authority last month. The P.A. abruptly cancelled that deal, claiming that the vaccines were too close to their expiration date at the end of June and July.

That was clearly untrue. There was plenty of time to use these doses to vaccinate thousands of Palestinians; the Israelis were using vaccines from the same batch on their own teenagers; and subsequent shipments would have had later expiry dates.

Isaac Herzog Sworn in as Israel’s 11th President

Jewish News Syndicate;

He used the same 107-year-old Torah that his father used, which has long been in the family.

Former Labor Party leader and Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog was sworn in as Israel’s 11th president on Wednesday, saying he would work to repair divisions within Israeli society.

The ceremony took place at the Knesset in Jerusalem and marked the end of Reuven Rivlin’s seven-year term.

The 60-year-old son of the sixth president of Israel, Chaim Herzog, also served as the country’s ambassador to the United Nations.

He was sworn in using the same 107-year-old Torah that his father used, which has long been in the family.

Iran Accuses Israel of June Attack on Alleged Centrifuge Plant

By: AP and TOI Staff – Times of Israel;

In reversal, Iranian government acknowledges damage to Karaj facility, says strike was meant to thwart Vienna talks on reviving nuclear deal

Iran on Tuesday accused Israel of a sabotage attack in June that reportedly targeted a nuclear facility near Tehran, the official IRNA news agency reported.

According to the report, cabinet spokesman Ali Rabiei said the alleged attack sought to thwart ongoing talks in Vienna on resurrecting Tehran’s tattered nuclear deal with world powers. IRNA quoted Rabiei as saying such actions only make Iran stronger.

“The Zionist regime carried out this action to signal it can stop Iran and to say [to world powers] that there is no need to talk with Iran,” said Rabiei. “But whenever sabotage has happened, our strength has increased.”

Israel Sends IDF Team to Florida to Assist with Tower Collapse Rescue Efforts

By: Emanuel Fabian – The Times of Israel;

Home Front Command delegation of 10 reservists flies to Miami; Israel’s United Hatzalah sends psychological assistance team; Bennett speaks to governor and offers help

The Israel Defense Forces sent a search and rescue delegation to Florida to assist with rescue efforts following the Surfside residential building collapse that left at least four dead and nearly 160 still missing.

The team of Home Front Command soldiers headed to Florida following a series of talks over the weekend between Israeli defense officials and officials in Miami, the Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday night.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the move was approved in coordination with the Foreign Ministry.

Honduras Becomes 4th Country to Open Embassy in Jerusalem

By: Amy Spiro – The Times of Israel;

In his first meeting with a foreign leader since becoming PM, Bennett thanks visiting President Hernández for ‘having done a brave and justified deed for the State of Israel’

Honduras officially moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem on Thursday in the presence of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and visiting Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández.

“Mr. President, you are a true friend of Israel,” Bennett told Hernández shortly before the inauguration ceremony at the Technological Park in the Malha neighborhood of Jerusalem. “The Jewish people have a long memory, and you will be recorded in the pages of history as having done a brave and justified deed for the State of Israel.”

Thursday’s ceremony made Honduras the fourth country to open an embassy in Jerusalem, following the United States, Guatemala and Kosovo.

Naftali Bennett Becomes Israel’s New Prime Minister, Ending Netanyahu’s 12-Year Reign

By: Chris Mitchell – CBN News;

For the first time in twelve years, Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer prime minister of Israel. Netanyahu’s term as prime minister ended Sunday after Israel’s parliament approved a new government formed by Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid.

On Monday, the new government posed for the traditional picture with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

Bennett’s supporters cheered after the announcement, then he exchanged a brief handshake with Netanyahu before taking the oath of office as the new prime minister.

Vote on New Israeli Government to be Held on Sunday

By: Emily Jones – CBN News;

JERUSALEM, Israel – On Sunday, Israel’s parliament will vote on the formation of a government that would end Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year rule as prime minister.

Netanyahu’s political opponents wanted the vote to happen this week, but setting it at a later date gives the embattled prime minister more time to try to stop the government from forming.

The so-called “change coalition” consists of politicians from the right, left, and center who have many ideological differences but are united in their desire to oust Netanyahu from office. Netanyahu’s goal is to peel any right-wing defectors away from the coalition, forcing his opponents to lose their razor-thin parliamentary majority and destroying the coalition.

Netanyahu Opponents Reach Fragile Coalition Deal to Oust Him

By: Chris Mitchell – CBN News;

JERUSALEM, Israel – After marathon negotiations, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett succeeded in forming a coalition government at the 11th hour Wednesday night. It could mean the end of the 12-year rule of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Members of the new coalition called it a new beginning.   

“This government will work for all the citizens of Israel, those that voted for it and those that didn’t. It will do everything to unite Israeli society,” Lapid, head of the centrist Yesh Atid Party, said.

Labor Party leader Merav Michaeli said Israel “made history.”