Part of being a good steward of what the Lord has given you includes writing a good will. Such a legal document will ensure that your estate cares for those you love and go toward good causes after you have gone to join the Lord.

Today, those who fail to plan for the aftermath of their death leave estates that lawyers, clerks, guardians, administrators, estate appraisers, and bonding companies fight over. Often in the legal process, there’s little or nothing left for the survivors of the deceased, or the charities the deceased sought to support.

Not that long ago probate court was created to make sure money and property unprotected by a will went to those it belonged to. But that has changed, creating probate fees and taxes that diminish estates. This situation isn’t likely to change in the near future. Probate settlements now drag out years.

Average settlements often take two to five years to settle with a large estate. During that time many of the assets are frozen, making it impossible for the survivors who have a rightful claim to the property to benefit from it.

You can begin protecting your estate with the 12-page booklet we’re offering. A Guide to Your Christian Will explains why everyone, particularly Christians, needs a will. Quoting Scripture, this booklet will help you prayerfully consider your will and appreciate it as an instrument of life. The guide also has tear-out forms to help organize key information. You’ll get concise assistance with your duty of good stewardship.

A Guide to Your Christian Will explains who needs a will, and why a Christian’s should be different from most others. This booklet also explains who should be your executor, and what other information you should include in your will. This 12-page organizer work book address what happens if you don’t make a will, how to protect your children and whether you need a lawyer.

Don’t leave Earth without it!

A Guide to your Christian Will
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