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Life on the ground in Israel

We have eaten so much dairy » wk-shavuot-3567

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  1. serena sparks Says:

    My mother Jessie Hicks and my brother in law Lyle Hartman were over this past spring. I was wanting to find out some information on the teas that we enjoyed so much. There was a tea that when you first put it in the water it is as black as can be yet as it sits a bit it turn a beautiful red. I have looked for it in the states and can not find any thing like it.
    Our families sent us over in the spring and my sister asked us the other day, how long did it take to get over the jet lag. I told her it was not so much the jet lag that was hard, it was waking up and realizing that you were not in Israel. Thank you for a glimps forward into the land we will call home. In His Service, Serena

  2. raed yousif Says:

    I like Israel, I hope to visit.

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