By: Ryan Jones – Israel Today;

More and more Palestinians say they simply can’t live without Israel

It is widely assumed that a Palestinian state will not only benefit the Palestinian Arabs, but is crucial to their future as a “people.”

But, as legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Belson wrote for an episode of Odd Couple back in the 1970s, “Never ASSUME, because when you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME.”

The entire land-for-peace process has been based on this assumption. The thing is, it isn’t shared by a great many Palestinian Arabs, the people who the scheme is ostensibly designed to benefit.

“Everyone wants to work [in Israel], everyone wants quiet, and a good life,” a man from Gaza told Ynetnews last week after Israel issued a record number of work permits in response to relative calm in the region.

That many Palestinians now realize this “quiet, good life” cannot be had under either the Palestinian Authority (PA) or Hamas is a recurring theme in recent years.

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