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I love waffles

It is hard for me to believe it is Tuesday.  I left Dallas on Sunday for Israel and all in all, the trip went well.  I forgot about the security issues until was in Newark airport.  The gate for the Continental flight to Tel Aviv is the last gate in the terminal.  I find that to be the case in every airport that I have flown, when the flight is going to Israel (just in case something happens, the whole airport is not harmed.)  The gate is also partitioned off from the rest of the gates and no one can get in or out after everyone has gone through yet another security check at the gate.  I suppose I should be grateful for the procedures and I should feel safer.  Actually, it makes me realize what kind of world we live in and I am reminded that God is in control of my life, not man.

My B&B was waiting for me and after dinner with Will at an outdoor restaurant, I headed for a good night’s sleep.  The weather last night was just about perfect for sitting outside.  It was so good to see my son. The extra suitcase was transferred with much delight from Will.  I even managed to add a few cans of tuna at the last minute. Children are a blessing.

I got up a little early, but not bad for the first night with all that goes with jet lag.  I am trying not to think that it could be three in the morning back in the States.

Funny how some things are so comforting.  Breakfast at the B&B is one of those things for me.  I had my egg salad, tomatoes, lots of coffee, and melon.  I had walked earlier to get my paper and check out the street where I live for new stores.  The Italian restaurant is gone and has been replaced with a waffle bar.  I know I will try that one out.  I love waffles.

I ran a few errands and will meet Will for dinner.  I try and take the first day easy and will hit the ground running tomorrow.  I have some sites and some restaurants that are just asking for my attention.

The big news is the drought that Israel is having.   As I drove in on Monday, the fields are  brown.  It is late in the year for rain, but they could sure use some.

Thank you for your prayers for travel mercies.

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  1. Liescha Says:

    Hallo Sandra
    I am Liescha and I am a South African. I discovered your website through My grandfather was a pastor in the Full Gospel church in Pretoria South Africa. He was a man of prayer and he had a love for the Jewish people. My mother followed in her Dad’s footsteps. Through my grandfather an my mother I have received a wonderful heritage concerning my Jewish roots in Jeshua the Messiah. I am a praise dancer and teach women praise dancing. They love Israeli circle dancing.

    My mother tongue is Afrikaans, a daughter language of Dutch. Did you know that Joahn Luckoff, the first director of the International Christian Embassy is an Afrikaner? Greetings and Shalom Liescha