Stunning Miracle: Pillar of Cloud Shields Israel from Islamic State

By Jessilyn Justice / A cloud of dust and rain, just as described in Numbers 14, appeared recently to shield Israel from the Islamic State. “A weather phenomenon occurred at 8 a.m. Thursday [December 1] on the other side of the Syrian border, in the same place where ISIS attacked Israel,” Israel News Online […]

Donald Trump’s UN Pick was First Governor to Sign Anti-BDS Legislation

By: Brent Scher; South Carolina’s Nikki Haley has been vocal supporter of Israel   Gov. Nikki Haley (R., S.C.), President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, was the first governor in the country to enact laws that combat the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanction movement. The law that Haley signed last […]

PM: Fires Worse Than 2010 Carmel Blaze, Other Forms of Terror

By: Tamar Pileggi and Raoul Wootliff; While lamenting loss of property, Netanyahu says proper preparation, international cooperation saved lives; proposes multinational firefighting force The dozens of wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes and forced tens of thousands to flee was in many ways worse than the deadliest fire in Israel’s history and worse than […]

The Atrocious Scandal of the UNESCO Vote on Jerusalem

By: Salim Mansur; It was over the ruins of these sacred Jewish sites, left behind by the Romans, that Arab conquerors of Jerusalem in the seventh century built two mosques, the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa, to lay claim on the City of David for Islam. There can be no dispute about Jewish […]

Footage Captures West Bank Arsonist in the Act

From: More than a dozen suspects have been arrested on suspicion of intentionally lighting fires that have ravaged parts Israel and the West Bank. Israeli security forces on Saturday detained a Palestinian suspect who was sighted on security footage igniting a fire in the northwestern Etzion region as hundreds of wildfires ravaged parts of […]

Few Nazi Crimes Suspects Lost Pensions, Review Reveals

By: David Rising; BERLIN (AP) — Tens of thousands of Nazi war crimes suspects may have been able to continue receiving disability pensions despite a law passed nearly two decades ago ordering them revoked, according to an official review quietly published Tuesday. The review, commissioned by the Labor Ministry and posted on its website, […]

Israeli Museum Concert Shows Holocaust’s Lesser Known Legacy

By: Aron Heller; JERUSALEM (AP) — For the first time in Yad Vashem’s 63-year history, live music echoed through the halls of Israel’s national Holocaust memorial in a somber tribute to the works of musicians who created a vibrant cultural life in the Terezin concentration camp before they were sent to their deaths. Standing […]

Wildfire Blamed on ‘Terror’ Roars Through Israeli City

By: Ariel Schalit;   HAIFA, Israel (AP) — A wildfire roared through parts of Israel’s third-largest city on Thursday, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes as the country’s leaders raised the possibility that Arab assailants had intentionally set the blaze. Spreading quickly due to dry, windy weather, the fire raced […]

Haifa fire overcome, but others rage elsewhere in Israel

  By Aron Heller / Associated Press JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli firefighters on Friday reined in a blaze that had spread across the country’s third-largest city of Haifa and forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, but continued to battle more than a dozen other fires around the country for the fourth […]

Virtually Unwrapping an Ancient and Badly Burned Scroll

In 1970, while excavating En-Gedi, a Jewish village on the western shore of the Dead Sea that was destroyed by fire around 600 A.D., archaeologists found the community’s synagogue. Inside the synagogue, they discovered a Holy Ark, the cabinet where Torahs are stored. The En-Gedi ark held charred debris that had once been sacred scrolls. […]