Myles & Katharine Weiss
Myles & Katharine Weiss

Dear Friend,

Shalom to you as the summer heats up.

Katharine and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years of constant bliss, unrelenting joy—with no disagreements, zero conflict, setbacks, loss or grief. While you’re marveling at our holy perfection … may we interest you in buying a slightly used Golden Gate Bridge?

Truthfully, we have been on an amazing adventure with Yeshua. I joke with Katharine that I have generously taken her to the garden spots of the world. She never complains about the “hard” places; we are too grateful to be in God’s will together. She is a gift from God—the “bride of Weiss”!

God has graciously deployed us in Africa, Argentina, India, Siberia, among Native Americans, and we even heard the “macadamia call” to minister in Hawaii! Here are some highlights:

Katharine and the boys after India, 1996
Katharine and the boys after India, 1996
  • After many short-term outreaches in various African locales (when our sons were seven and ten years old), we taught Bible-based counseling to ministers-in-training in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. This war-torn country taught us deeply about a life of faith in the midst of deprivation.
  • In Argentina, we were part of a conference in Mar del Plata—the very port city where dictators Juan and Eva Peron traded blank passports to Nazis for two submarines of stolen Jewish gold. Our conference turned into a profound time of repentance from anti-Semitism for the Argentines. After collecting an offering, the leadership gave me the honor of distributing the funds to Jewish ministries as a token of Christian restitution. I chose to give part of it to the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, which Hezbollah had bombed (demonstrating the same spirit as the Nazis).
  • I served many times in India, especially in the unreached north and even up into Nepal. Katharine and I were together in Madras and Ranchi in 1991. When I saw the commitment of the Indian Christians and heard the stories of their persecution, I was overwhelmed at the price some pay to follow Jesus.
  • What a joy when Katharine and I taught a marriage seminar for new Believers in Siberia!We closed the week by “re-marrying” the 500 in attendance. They wept copiously as Yeshua and the Holy Spirit blessed their relationships formerly “rubber stamped” by their Communist government. The drug and alcohol recovery program we helped to start there became a lifesaving vehicle for producing Church leaders in Russia.
Katharine and Myles, marriage seminars in Siberia, 1995

Upon our return from Siberia, a young man challenged me to take my Jewish heritage more seriously and impart it to my sons. That was in 1995 and, since then, Katharine and I have been on the “Israel trail.” We always maintain a heart for the Nations and see the intimate connection between blessing Israel and Spiritual (by the Holy Spirit) revival around the world.

As I write this to you, Katharine is in the Land, in Jerusalem, for the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) Jerusalem Encounter conference. When Wayne Hilsden asked Katharine to be on the FIRM Board of Directors, he asked me: “Myles, is she a strong woman?” I laughed and replied, “She puts up with me, so yes, supernaturally strong!”

Tears of gratitude followed the laughter as we realized that this FIRM initiative from Jerusalem represents a major declaration from the international Body of Christ. FIRM highlights the call from God for the Body of Messiah to embrace and celebrate the Jewish part of the family. God’s call takes us beyond Zionism, moving from Genesis 12:1–3 to Galatians 6:10. Read on.

Genesis 12 provides a solid foundation for the Church to understand our faith connection to the Jewish people and to the restored nation of Israel. This vital foundation takes on increased importance as Replacement Theology spreads its virulent anti-Semitic incarnations. Bible believers should believe the Bible:

Genesis 12:
Then Adonai said to Abram,
“Get going out from your land,
and from your relatives,
and from your father’s house,
to the land that I will show you.
2 My heart’s desire is to make you into a great nation, to bless you,
to make your name great so that you may be a blessing.
3 My desire is to bless those who bless you,
but whoever curses you I will curse,
and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia brings out a deeper emphasis on the Body of Believers:

Gal. 6:10: Therefore, whenever we have an
opportunity, let us do good toward all—
especially to those who belong to the household of faith.

The Lord highlighted the Galatians maxim to Katharine and me years ago when we were hosting tours to Israel, in our BZ (Before Zola) era. He impressed upon us—just as He impressed upon Zola—that pilgrims should “see the ancient rocks, and meet the living stones” during their sojourn in His Land.

Now FIRM is supporting that paradigm by echoing God’s call to the Church-at-large to stand with the Messianics (and Arab Christians) in Israel. This stance can be challenging for Church leaders who enjoy being fêted by political and religious leaders in Israel.

Christians often assume near-heroic status among the Jewish people. But, proclaiming their unity with the Jewish disciples of Jesus can subvert that admiration in a moment. Visibly open unity challenges the deep-rooted notion that Jews who follow Yeshua have become gentiles (non-Jews) by converting to another religion!

The statement that open unity makes has been long awaited:

1 Corinthians 12:12–21: For just as the body is one and has many parts,
and all the parts of the body—though many—are one body,
so also is Messiah.
13 For in one Ruach (Spirit) we were all immersed into one body,
—whether Jewish or Greek, slave or free—,
and all were made to drink of one Ruach.
14 For the body is not one part, but many.
15 If the foot says, “Since I’m not a hand, I’m not part of the body,”
is it therefore not part of the body?
16 And if the ear says, “Since I’m not an eye, I’m not part of the body,”
is it for this reason any less part of the body?
17 If the whole body were an eye, where would the hearing be?
If the whole were hearing, where would the sense of smell be?
18 But now God has placed the parts
—each one of them—
in the body just as He desired.
19 If they were all one part, where would the body be?
20 But now there are many parts, yet one body.
21 The eye cannot tell the hand, “I don’t need you!”
or in turn the head to the feet, “I don’t need you!”

God notices the needs of His Jewish brothers and sisters. Hence the
tears as Wayne inquired about Katharine’s availability to serve on
FIRM’s Board. Wayne reports that every Jewish Believer in Yeshua who
was informed about FIRM’s purpose wept in a similar fashion. In fact,
our Zola Levitt Presents production team is currently working on TV
scripts that illustrate the journeys of faith for Bible characters and
include testimonies of Believers in the land of Israel

We Messianics have been hoping that the Church would demonstrate the courage to stand shoulder to shoulder with the “living stones,” the fruitful Body in God’s Land. FIRM and Zola Levitt Ministries are realizations of that hope.

As part of ZLM, you have been standing with Israel for years. Zola pioneered many of the worldviews that are now standard fare for media ministries, tours, and connection with the Jewish roots of faith.

One surefire way to grow in your faith and understanding of the Bible is to join Katharine and me in Israel. We are forming two study groups now. The Fall Tour 2016 offers these options:

Israel Sep 18–27 $4,288
Israel & Petra Sep 18–30 $5,288
Greece & Israel Sep 12–27 $6,988
Greece, Israel, & Petra Sep 12–30 $7,988
All tour prices include tips, taxes, & fuel surcharge (subject to change).

Options for the Spring Tour 2017 include:

Israel Mar 12–21 $4,288
Israel & Petra Mar 12–24 $5,488

You can reach Zola Tours manager Sandra Luttrell by phone: 214-696-9760 or by email: to arrange the trip of a lifetime. You may also request a brochure by calling 1-800-WONDERS or view it, along with other information, online at As Zola maintained: “A trip to Israel is worth more than ten years of Sunday School.”

This month, our weekly television program, Zola Levitt Presents, concludes our nine-part Zion Forever series, which focuses on the City of David and the Temple Mount. We purposely chose these prominent locations to challenge the history revisionists who promote their claim that Jewish people somehow appeared in Israel out of thin air after WWII. A major part of this ministry’s commitment to the truth is relentlessly illuminating the ancient land grant given to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob).

Zion Forever This nine-part series looks back at Israel’s history and forward into prophecy while remembering the present status of the Temple Mount, the most contested real estate on Earth. Archaeologists and Bible scholars confirm the accuracy of Jewish history regarding Israel. Throughout the series, we hear from Our Man in Haifa Eitan Shishkoff. Zola Levitt’s music complements the narrative and scenes of Israel.

Ein Gedi
Myles and Katharine recount how David hid from King Saul in a cave near the spring at Ein Gedi oasis. We hear about the discovery of the Pool of Siloam and that the current King of Israel is Yeshua Himself.
Temple Mount
The Temple Mount is the earthly center of spiritual warfare. We see thousands of artifacts from Bible times, recently discovered in debris that was discarded over a decade ago from unauthorized Muslim excavations. Guests include Shahar Shilo and Zachi Dvira.
Mount of Olives
From the Mount of Olives, Myles and Katharine look to the future of the Temple Mount. Archaeological finds continue to surface on Mount Zion, confirming Jewish heritage as recorded in the Bible.
In the Meantime
The Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque currently sit atop the Temple Mount. A representative of Jerusalem Islamic Waqf, which governs the area, gives us the Muslim perspective. Guests: David Parsons of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch, and a Jewish woman who is raising her family in the City of David.

Your Questions Answered Myles and Katharine respond to letters and emails from TV viewers and Levitt Letter readers. Topics in this rich program include: controversial cartoons in our news magazine, John Parsons’s Hebrew lessons, the prophecy of Psalm 83, “settlers” in the Biblical heartland, and a teaching on Ezekiel 44.

Thank you for standing with this ministry and praying for Katharine and me as we enter our next 30 years of marriage.

If you are a contributor who traditionally supports this ministry during the lean summer months, when too many donors are distracted with family and vacation activities, now is a good time to send in a contribution. Our television production team recently returned from recording interviews with Holocaust survivors in Eastern Europe and Israel. Adequate funds will ensure that we broadcast these enlightening, often heartbreaking, and sometimes entertaining testimonies of God’s faithfulness onto the airwaves and into your living room.

Zola Levitt Ministries, is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) as well as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. So please remember our divine calling and efforts with your prayers and checkbook when your heart is grateful for the teachings we provide.

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I ask for the Lord’s blessings on your house until I see you here or in the Land. And I remind you to please Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim! — Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem! (Psalm 122:6)

Your grateful brother,


P.S. God is moving in Israel and around the world. If you can’t go there in person, you can still pray, give, and hold the line against the forces of darkness.

A scene from our currently airing Zola Levitt Presents TV series ZION FOREVER

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