Myles & Katharine Weiss
Myles & Katharine Weiss

Dear Friend,

As I write this letter to our ZLM community of faith, I am watching a “fluid” situation in Southern California. “Fluid” is newspeak for “We dare not associate this latest shooting with Islamic terror, lest we offend the silent majority of peace-loving Moslems.”

Today’s tally: 14 dead and17 wounded. A recent tally: 100+ murdered in Paris. The body count goes on and on, and a steady stream of blood testifies to the fruit of the current retrograde reformation in Islam.

While many of us consider a new year as a time to renew our commitments to a more healthy and holy lifestyle, Islam dominates the news with hate and death. Instead of looking forward to becoming a more self-aware, repentant, and positive force in this world, Islam is going backward toward the seventh-century roots of its ideological foundation.

According to Islamic teaching, the Koran came down as a series of revelations from Allah through Archangel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammed, who then dictated it to his followers. Mohammed’s companions memorized fragments of the Koran and wrote them down. These were later compiled into book form under the rule of the third Caliph (spiritual leader) Uthman several years after Mohammed’s death.

The Koran is about as long as the New Testament. It contains114 suras (passages or chapters), which are composed of ayahs (verses). According to Islamic doctrine, around 610 A.D. in a cave near the city of Mecca (now in southwest Saudi Arabia), Mohammed received the first “revelation,” which merely commanded him to “recite” or “read.”

For approximately twelve years, other revelations formed a message to the inhabitants of Mecca to forsake their pagan ways and turn in worship to the one god, Allah.

“We are not at war with Islam...”While in Mecca, where he condemned paganism (for the most part), Mohammed showed great respect for the monotheism of the local Christians and Jews. The Allah of the Koran claimed to be the same God worshipped by Jews and Christians, and Allah now revealed himself to the Arab people through his “chosen messenger,” Mohammed. The scenario is problematic, because this same Allah eventually required some extremely stringent submission from these other “people of the book.” Furthermore, after Mohammed and his early followers left Mecca for the city of Medina and gained power, they transformed Islam from a relatively benign form of monotheism into the military-political ideology that persists today.

One important concept that Westerners (particularly our political leaders and media sources) do not understand is the principle of “abrogation,” which directs that verses revealed later in Mohammed’s career “abrogate” (i.e., cancel and replace) earlier ones whose instructions they may contradict. Newer passages revealed in Medina, overrule older passages that were revealed in Mecca. The Koran itself lays out the principle of abrogation:

Sura 2:106 None of Our revelations do We [Allah] abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah hath power over all things?

The relevance of this for our time is spectacular: As the founder of Islam became militarily stronger, his doctrine changed with the times!

When the Koran was collated into book form under Caliph Uthman, the suras were ordered from longest to shortest, and not chronologically or by thematic content. In order to find out what the Koran says on a given topic, the reader must examine the other Islamic sources (e.g. Hadith) that give clues as to when in Mohammed’s lifetime the revelations occurred. The earlier suras (that originated in Mecca when the Moslems were smaller in number and vulnerable) are generally more loving, or at the very least, more benign. The later suras (that appeared in Medina after Mohammed became the head of an army) contain the paradigm of the caliphate and world dominion that we see in today’s jihadist groups.

“Shariah will dominate the world”Look at the current expansion of global terror and you see a direct correlation to Islamic population growth in a given area, country, or region of the world. Islamic scholars divide the world into two spheres of influence:

  • the House of Islam (dar al-Islam)
  • the House of War (dar al-harb).

Islam means “submission.” So, the House of Islam includes those nations and individuals who have submitted to Islamic rule. The rest of the world, which has not accepted sharia (Islamic) law and so is not in a state of submission, exists in a state of rebellion or war with the will of Allah. It is incumbent on dar al-Islam to make war upon dar al-harb until all nations and individuals submit to the will of Allah and accept sharia law.

Islam’s message to the non-Moslem world is the same now as it was in Mohammed’s time and throughout history: Submit or be conquered.

PL-2016-Jan-FMC_PL-115This is where ZLM proves itself a vital ministry. For over 30 years, we have warned the West, educated the listening, and prayerfully reached for the Moslems of the world. Katharine and I recently reached Iranians via television thanks to Hormoz Shariat and his “Iran Alive” ministry, which broadcast our biblical teaching into Iran. You can watch our interview with him at

We believe that only the love of Yeshua can overcome the hatred gripping the descendants of Mohammed.

As a counselor used to working toward reconciliation between people, I see clearly that love, repentance, and implementing new behaviors are the pathways to peace. The tragic sense of spiritual rejection going back to Ishmael in the desert became the fertile ground for the teachings of Mohammed, whose supposedly superior theology exacts revenge upon those who do not submit to his message.

Our ministry will continue to teach. We will continue to pray. We will continue to make pilgrimage on our study tours of Israel, Greece, Ephesus, and Petra.

We would love to host you in the Holy Land. Please call Sandra, our Zola Tours manager, to discuss travel options at 214-696-9760. You may also email her at, or visit

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One of the most worthwhile gifts we can give to our Israeli friends and family is our commitment to visit them in spite of the threats against them. When you and I boldly travel to Israel, we support Israelis by our presence and by enjoying the beauty of the land and the unique spirit of the people. The Bible comes alive to Believers in special ways.

In the meantime, we know you will enjoy the programs on Zola Levitt Presents this season. In January, we look at upcoming projects for 2016, kicking off the month with:

2016: The Year Ahead

From Jerusalem, Katharine and I preview the series and programs that viewers like you will see in the coming year, including the following:

  • Times of the Signs is our newest set of prophetic programs. It brings issues in the headlines into line with revelations from the Bible.
  • Jerusalem: Ancient Gates / Future Glory reveals the history of the gates of the Old City and connects them with the spiritual meaning now and in the coming era.
  • Days of Remembrance takes a fresh look at the Feasts of the Lord.
  • Out of the Ashes, our work in progress, will tell the story of the Holocaust and the miracle of Israel’s rebirth. Though ancient, Israel as a reborn state has developed more remarkably and rapidly than any nation on Earth.

Times of the SignsTimes of the Signs

We continue our eight-program series, encouraging Believers to look beyond the troubling prophetic signs of our day and live in growing expectation of our Messiah’s return.

Rebuilding the Temple.
We review the history of the Temple Mount from the threshing floor of David’s day up to the present. Some people in Jerusalem actively seek to build the Third Temple, which could be the one desecrated by the anti-Christ, ushering in the End Times. We hear from noted archaeological writer Randall Price, radio personality Jeremy Gimpel, and respected Christian newsman Bill Koenig. Myles interviews Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who miraculously survived four point-blank bullet wounds from a terrorist in order to continue to advocate for the rights of Jews and Christians to pray on the Temple Mount. Well-known prophecy teacher Jimmy DeYoung inspires viewers with the reason for his hope, and our friend David Rubin recounts the Bible’s history of Shiloh and his personal brush with Islamic terror: David and his 3-year-old son were miraculously spared after being attacked while driving home through the Biblical heartland.
The Heavens Declare.
The Lord uses heavenly signs to show humans what He is doing, where He is going, and what He asks of us. Elijah was victorious over the prophets of Baal, but there are still high places (altars to idols) in the Land, just as there are in our lives. Believers don’t follow signs but only our Messiah. We hear from Mark Hitchcock, a leading prophecy authority and prolific author of over 20 books.
The Sword of Allah.
The spread of radical Islam belies the claim that Islam is an ideology of peace. The god of conquest and submission differs greatly from the God of Love who “leaves the 99 to find the one who is lost” (Luke15:4). This spiritual battle is worrisome; but the Lord wants none to perish (2 Peter 3:9) and will return for His own. We hear from Bill Salus, an expert on the prophetic role of Iran in the coming days. We also see interviews with end-times experts Jim Fletcher and Carl Teichrib. Jerusalem resident Avi Lipkin, who for decades has been teaching the Church about the threat of radical Islam, makes some powerful statements about the days in which we live. Randall Price and Jimmy DeYoung also weigh in on the differences between the god of the Koran and the God of the Bible.
New Heaven, New Earth.
Many signs point toward the return of the Messiah: Knowledge has increased, technology is changing rapidly, exiles from the Diaspora are returning to their ancestral homeland, and Messianic congregations multiply throughout the world. Though the Tribulation and Armageddon are coming, so is Yeshua coming for His bride, and we want no one to miss out! We hear from many of our previous guests, including Carl Teichrib, Wilfred Hahn, Avi Lipkin, David Rubin, Bill Koenig, Jimmy DeYoung, Jim Fletcher, Andy Woods, and Randall Price.

Katharine and I count it a privilege to bring these timely and well-produced TV programs to you. We could not undertake our extensive Bible teaching without your steady prayers and financial contributions. Thank you for your ongoing partnership. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). And please, Sha’alu shalom Yerushalayim! … Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! (Psalm 122:6)


Your brother and messenger,

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