By Yossi Aloni /
June 23, 2013

Netanyahu as tour guide royaltour

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to play tour guide in a major televised tourism program under the direction of journalist and producer Peter Greenberg, known internationally for his “The Royal Tour” tourism programs on PBS and the Travel Channel.

Greenberg has put together a series of programs where he accompanies a head of state in a “guidebook” tour of his or her country. He has already filmed episodes with the king of Jordan, the presidents of Mexico and Peru, and the prime minister of New Zealand.

Filming began a year ago, but was halted for a time after Netanyahu suffered a light injury during a friendly soccer game between local Jewish and Arab teams. Filming and photography for the episode is expected to wrap next month.

The program gave Netanyahu an opportunity to present the bright side of the State of Israel to an estimated 300 million viewers around the world. Israel views the program as an important public relations and economic effort, as previous installments of the program resulted in up to a 10 percent increase in tourism for the host nation.

The goal is “to boost tourism to Israel and change country’s image,” said Netanyahu during the first day of shooting last year. “We will visit…Masada, the Dead Sea, the Technion, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – all to show the true Israel, the Israel most don’t get to see.”

Greenberg added that “as more people see what this country has to offer, they will come. …It is an opportunity to present [the land] through Israel’s eyes.”

One thought on “Your tour guide today will be… Benjamin Netanyahu

  • …it is an opportunity to present the the land (( the land of God, Beulah, the land that is married to God himself)to the gentile people, thru the eyes of the Jewish people. Oh people, most beloved, homosexuals, BL etc etc, i wish like Jesus wept before he entered the city, if only you knew the love your God has for you!, but you cannot until you are hit center, left, right, up and down, till you all say “blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! Do you know how we gentiles and the sons of Ishmael envy that land, until they cannot take half a loaf they want the whole bread and how they will not but will be destroyed in the Gog Magog war? Watch out, we love you people of God and pray for you. Let the filthy be filthy still, and the just and the clean be just and clean still, Rev 22 says 11, but He is coming soon. Netanyahu, please dont be the only to sell the land of God, leave the Livnis and Peres and other MKs to dream of cutting a piece to these Edomintes, they dont know what they are doing, but wait until the little horn (Iran) builds its purpotedly peaceful means nuclear bomb in the name of power and medical purposes, you wait, continue fornicating and doing adultery a sin that finished past generations of God’s people. I fear and treamble as i pray for you.

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