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This morning (Friday), I received a call from my friend and former military comrade from the South, who inquired after pizzas and colas for the tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers operating in and around the Gaza Strip.

Two years ago, when Israeli troops massed on the Gaza border during Operation Pillar of Cloud, Israel Today was on the ground handing out pizzas and cola generously donated by our readers. The soldiers down in Gaza now remember that kindness, and our friend in the area has received several calls from officers and their troops wondering if they will again be blessed in this way.

There is a long-standing tradition in Israel whereby people will often go and buy cold drinks and snacks for the soldiers manning hot, dusty checkpoints. The gesture might be small, but the act of kindness has a major impact on these soldiers.

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This tradition kicks into high gear during a time of war.

As such, we are inviting our readers and all friends of Israel to repeat their past assistance to Israeli soldiers as they fight to defend our nation.

Both they and we fondly remember how two years ago the pizzas and drinks delivered offered not only physical sustenance, but emotional and even spiritual blessing when they learned it had all come from Christians around the world who love and stand with Israel.

Last, but not least, your participation in this effort greatly blesses the pizzerias in southern Israel where we purchase the pizzas, salads and drinks. As you can imagine, during a time of war they receive little other business.

One thought on “You can help! — Israeli Soldiers Ask For Repeat Of Christian Blessing

  • My Prayer

    We pour our tears to the ground today as we cry for the complete protection of all the Jewish soldiers in the fore-front. O Lord our God protect the Land of Israel. Protect its borders.Arise O God and let your enemies scatter! Israel is the apple of your eye O Lord.. their name is written on the palm of your hand.Fight their battle.
    Hear O Israel.. the Lord your God is YAHWEH! He will never leave you nor forsake you. God bless the Land of the Jews… God bless Eretz Israel…
    I bless Israel… because I love Israel..
    In Jesus’ Name

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