President Peres with Archbishop Chacour. Photo: Mark Neyman/GPO
President Peres with Archbishop Chacour. Photo: Mark Neyman/GPO

With Hanukkah over, Christians in Israel are getting into the Christmas spirit. The Jerusalem Municipality has announced that on Sunday, December 23rd it will distribute free Christmas trees to Christian residents of Jerusalem.

On Thursday Israeli President Shimon Peres visited the official residence of Archbishop Elias Chacour where he sang traditional Christmas songs with children from a local youth choir.

In a statement Peres said, “We are proud of the Christian community in Israel and are also proud that they feel fully at home, completely free to worship in their own way and to continue with their own traditions. I wish them and all Christians everywhere a Merry Christmas.”

2 thoughts on “With Hanukkah Over, Israel Turns to Christmas Celebrations

  • This is the true home and religion of peace and tolerance. Hashem bless Israel, you shall be the head of the nations when Messiah comes again.

  • Thank You Israel may you find peace in knowing that all christians thruout the world pray for your safety in a region that wishes you harm, and that same region that wishes you harm will soon come to know that you are GODS chosen when our lord Jesus returns.MERRY CHRISTMAS ISRAEL.

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