Excerpted from Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has gotten a lot of press lately: exclusive interviews with CBS and NBC, and now he’s on the cover of Time magazine. Yet, the media have been very shy about asking Ahmadinejad serious questions about his faith.

Ahmadinejad’s view of the world is defined entirely by his radical Islamist theology. He believes that the return of a “messianic” imam, known as the “Mahdi,” is imminent. He also believes he can hasten the arrival of the “Mahdi” by starting Armageddon. So, when Ahmadinejad says he wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” he really means it. It is a religious obligation and that obligation is driving his nuclear ambitions, as well as Iran’s support for Hezbollah and the terrorists in Iraq.

In his book, Epicenter, Joel Rosenberg details the religious teachings of Shiite scholars on what the coming of the “Mahdi” holds for the rest of us: “On seeing the fulfillment of many of the signs promised in the traditions, a large number of unbelievers will turn towards Islam. Those who persist in their disbelief … shall be killed by soldiers of the Mahdi. The only victorious government in the entire world will be that of Islam. …The Mahdi will offer the religion of Islam to the Jews and the Christians; if they accept it they will be spared, otherwise, they will be killed. …It seems unlikely that this catastrophe can be avoided. …Warfare and bloodshed [are] inevitable.” This writing is not from an ancient text, but from Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini, a current Shiite professor at the Religious Learning Center in Qom, Iran. Iran is a theocracy, meaning the government is controlled by religious leaders like Ayatollah Amini. You won’t find this information in the pages of Time Magazine, and it’s worth asking why.

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