When a group of easily identifiable religious Jews is actually allowed to ascend Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the reaction of Muslim worshippers typically borders on open violence.

Jews (and Christians) are often prevented by Israeli police from entering the Temple Mount compound for fear of Muslim hostility. And even when groups are granted entry, most are not easily identifiable as Jews (most Orthodox Jews believe it is wrong to ascend the Temple Mount lest they inadvertently enter the area of the “Holy of Holies”).

But every once in a while, an Orthodox Jewish group will visit Judaism’s holiest site. And when they do, the Jews’ treatment at the hands of the adherents of the so-called “Religion of Peace” is simply disgraceful.

In the following video, one such group can be seen being harassed and even assaulted by a large Muslim mob, as Israeli police officers try desperately to maintain order. Among the group of Jewish visitors are a number of children, who at various points in the video can be seen crying and fearfully clinging to their parents.

One of the adults in the group tries to calm the children by saying, “Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! This is our place!”

The incident was filmed by a Temple Mount movement headed by Linda Olmert, the sister-in-law of recently convicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Linda recently spoke to Israel Today about the situation for Jews on the Temple Mount. (ZLM note: We will share her interview when it becomes available. We hope she will explain why the video is dizzying. The camera needs to find a more stable location from which to record the event.)

One thought on “What Jews Endure on the Temple Mount–video

  • That’s the most shameful display I’ve ever seen of “peaceful” people. To think the Israelites have put up with this for so long is unbelievable! I think it’s just about time for the IDF to step in, remove ALL Muslims from the site & take back control of the Temple Mount. Then have the Israelie police truly control it by setting up the schedule & terms for access to the temple by the various groups. Anyone who fails to comply should be denied future access for their lifetime & the lifetime of their immediate family! From all that I have read & heard the true Owner of Temple Mount & all of Jerusalem for that matter belongs to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob, not the people of this tribe of hooligans who show no real reverence for this place.

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