Arutz Sheva TV met a group of television and movie celebrities who are in Israel with “America’s Voices in Israel.”
By Yoni Kempinski

“It’s clear that Israel is a nation of good and warm people,” said Miguel Ferrer, seasoned television and film actor, in mid-September in Jerusalem. “It’s remarkable how different the reality of this country is from what one hears about it. I can definitely commit myself to being an ambassador of truth for the State of Israel and offer positive messages on behalf of the people of Israel and Jerusalem.”

Ferrer is in Israel this week, along with Twilight film star Kellan Lutz as part of the “America’s Voices in Israel” program. Latino singers Carolina La O and Didier Hernendez joined the group as they visited Israel’s main cities and attractions and were briefed by government officials.


America’s Voices in Israel is a program that brings media and entertainment personalities for personal experiences in Israel to help spread the country’s positive messages and dispel the negative image associated with conflict Israel sometimes has abroad. Irwin Katsof, director of the program, says that Voices plans to bring a group every month in the coming period.

“This is my second trip to Israel,” said Kellan Lutz. “The only downside of coming to Israel is that as soon as you get here, you realize how much more there is to see in such a short time, so I’ll definitely be back. I’m amazed at the scope of history here. In the U.S., there is 200 years of history and here we are talking about thousands of years of stories and tradition that truly fascinate and amaze me.”

“Being in Israel, for me, is fulfilling a dream,” said Latina superstar Carolina La O. “We were already looking around at venues. We want to come back with our band next time.”

“This really is like paradise,” said Didier Hernendez.

To date this year, America’s Voices participants have included Joel-David Moore, star of the James Cameron blockbuster Avatar, Lori Loughlin and Greg Germann, long-time stars of TV’s Full House, Ally McBeal, 90210, and others. America’s Voices also hosted cast members of Fox’s hit HOUSE, Grey’s Anatomy and Raising Hope.

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