Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report

A big conference of leftists took place recently at the City College of New York to examine “The Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right.” Sponsors included the People for the American Way Foundation and the New York Open Center. Conference attendees had multiple panels and presentations on how to reach “these people,” meaning religious conservatives, who conference organizers clearly perceive as being mysterious creatures.

The irony is amazing. People For the American Way embraces every radical belief of the far Left: yes to men “marrying” men, no to the Ten Commandments in a public park, yes to abortion in the seventh, eighth, or ninth month of pregnancy, no to “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, yes to open borders, and no to faith-based initiatives. In other words, these lefty elitists are out of step with the American public on virtually every cultural/values issue, but they find people who are in church or synagogues on the weekend, at work on Monday and in the voting booth on Tuesday to be strange!