Is it still a cappella if the Maccabeats use cups and a table for percussion? The Maccabeats are proud to present their latest pop-adaptation. They put the lyrics of “D’ror Yikra,” a traditional Shabbat-table song, to the tune of “Cups,” recently popularized by the movie Pitch Perfect. The Maccabeats are a now famous Jewish a cappella group. In this song they use Shabbat table cups for percussion.

According to one interpretation, the opening line of the song, “D’ror Yikra,” calls upon us to take advantage of Shabbat, the spiritual day of rest, and free ourselves from the mundane world.

One thought on “The Maccabeats sing “Cups” (D’ror Yikra) — video

  • Awesome! IMHO it’s a cappella as long as melodic instruments are not used. Many vocal ensembles use clapping, tambourines, and now cups!
    These guys are smooooth!!

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