Listen to 27-year-old Anna’s non-political perspective as a kibbutznik who lives near Israel’s border with Gaza. She refutes the media’s portrayal of Israel in summer 2014 as a heartless monster and explains that the IDF acts humanely, like allowing terrorists to get away if they suspect that catching them would harm nearby innocents. Anna mentions the frequency of rockets falling and hearing 30-40 alarms some days. She sheds real tears in empathy for Gazans who aren’t part of Hamas but are used as part of their human shields; she expresses her fear of terrorists popping up in her formerly safe neighborhood from nearby tunnels, wanting to kill her and her family.

Nonetheless, Anna is “happy to live in place that is like heaven. … It’s surreal how beautiful it is!” She speaks for normal Israeli citizens and asks you to think about how their lives have changed because of Hamas in Gaza and how the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) defend and protect them and then are condemned by the media. She asks how people in other countries, say, Paris or California, would like living like Israelis in southern Israel and then asks that the viewers put themselves in her position before judging Israel.

Grab your box of tissues. Her plea is heartfelt.

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