Israel: Seeing is believing — video

Treat yourself to an uplifting, six-minute virtual tour of the Apple of God’s eye. Gorgeous scenery, an abundance of smiles, and snappy music await you in the video below. See Israel’s seas, cities, harbors, architecture, archaeology, art, culture, technology, people, skies, sports, and varied wildlife. You’ll sky- and scuba-dive… no passport, parachute, or snorkel necessary. Such a rainbow of cultures and traditions, you may need to catch your breath before watching it again.

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom — video

In the 90-second clip below, Clay Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School, details a conversation he had with a Marxist economist from China, in which the other man said democracy works because people believe that “they aren’t just accountable to society, they’re accountable to God.”

“Christensen then asks: “As religion loses its influence over the lives of Americans what will happen to our democracy? Where are the institutions that are going to teach the next generation of Americans that they, too, need to voluntarily choose to obey the laws. Because if you take away religion, you can’t hire enough police.”

Israel’s Young Heroes of Protective Edge—video

Israel’s youth make up a key facet of Israeli military defense that provides national security, often in tandem with Iron Dome missiles. For an inspirational upholding of the heroic dedication behind Israel’s cutting-edge defense, see the six-minute video below. You’ll hear from young Israeli soldiers, men and women alike, who offer examples of dealing with fear and the observation that “Courage comes from the inside.”

10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew—video

Insults as Jewish Reporter Walks Through Paris
By JTA /

An Israeli journalist walked for hours around Paris while wearing a kippa (yarmulke) to test attitudes to Jews and documented multiple threats and insults hurled in his direction.

Zvika Klein, a reporter for the news site and Makor Rishon daily newspaper, released the footage from his recent walk around Paris and its suburbs.

Many anti-Semitic incidents occurred while Klein was walking in the suburb of Sarcelles, which sports a large Muslim population, whereas his wandering through the center of Paris was considerably calmer by comparison.

In one scene, a person wearing a black knit cap said “Jew” and walked alongside Klein, who was being filmed secretly by a colleague wearing a backpack fitted with a rear-pointing recorder. In two separate incidents, one involving a man and the other a woman, passersby spat in Klein’s direction as he walked past them.

In another part of Paris, passersby called out “Vive Palestine” at him. In several cases, locals hurled profanities at Klein, calling him a homosexual and suggesting he had come to their neighborhood looking for sex.

His video, 10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew, drew inspiration from Shoshana Roberts whose video shows her being sexually harassed repeatedly while walking around New York City.

The number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded in France more than doubled in 2014 over the previous year, reaching a five-year-record of 851 instances.

Zvika Klein’s video 10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew

Does New Testament Back Israel’s Claim to the Land?

Israel FlagIsrael Today
By Israel Today Staff, January 04, 2015

Pastor Ron Cantor of the Tel Aviv-based Messianic congregation Tiferet Yeshua addresses in the following video the oft-heard argument that nowhere in the New Testament is Israel’s modern claim to to this land reaffirmed.

Even among Christians who on the surface claim to reject Replacement Theology, many insist that God’s promise of this particular piece of land to the Children of Israel and their descendants as a perpetual inheritance is null and void under the new covenant sealed in Yeshua’s blood.

Cantor starts off by noting that the New Testament never reaffirms the concept of tithing, but nearly all Christian pastors and ministers hold that it is still a valid and even necessary practice. As such, the mere absence of a particular promise or concept from the pages of the New Testament is not enough to declare it invalid.

“Can God, who cannot lie, break His promise?” Cantor wonders. “I would think not. If so, our faith is on shaky ground.”

Even so, Cantor explores why the New Testament fails to mention God’s promise of the land to Israel, which was such a central theme during the centuries covered by the Old Testament.

Or does it? As Cantor explains, a number of passages traditionally misused and taken out of context in fact reaffirm all of God’s promises to the Jews, including those regarding the land.

This short teaching is worth a watch:

AMAZING VIDEO: A flock of starlings form spectacular flyover in Israel’s sky

After a long absence of some 20 years, short distance migrant starlings have started to return to Israel in 2012, a phenomenon experts find difficult to explain.




A flock of synchronized starlings formed spectacular sights of ‘dancing clouds’ in the skies of southern Israel on Monday.

The murmuration, a phenomenon when the synchronized flyover creates what seems to the eye to be a black cloud that randomly changes direction and form, took place near the Bedouin town of Rahat.

According to ornithologists the synchronized movement is aimed at helping the birds find food and creating a defense mechanism against birds of prey, which usually try to hunt individual birds and rarely attack big flocks.

After a long absence of some 20 years, short distance migrant starlings have started to return to Israel in 2012, a phenomenon experts find difficult to explain.

Today, hundreds of thousands of starlings inhabit Israel, compared to millions in the past, according to scientific estimations.
The common starling used to fly to Israel from Russia and Eastern Europe until the early 90’s in flocks of millions.

For an unknown reason, the number of the small birds migrating over Israel declined dramatically and they could no longer be seen in Israel’s skies.

But in 2012, their numbers began increasing and they were sighted for the first time above the Sea of Galilee.

Experts say that they are best to watch at dusk, when the birds flock for some 20 minutes of unique aerobatic display before retiring for the night.

Israeli Neurosurgery Helps Violinist Regain Ability to Play -video

Naomi Elishuv. Photo: YouTube screenshot
Naomi Elishuv. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Israeli neurosurgeons at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center helped former world-renowned violinist Naomi Elishuv overcome hand tremors to regain the ability to perform, in a remarkable surgery that had Elishuv playing Mozart while they operated on her brain.

“This is the first time ever that I have performed brain surgery on a person who played the violin during the operation,” said Professor Itzhak Fried, Sourasky’s director of functional neurosurgery.

According to Fried, the surgeons implanted a brain pacemaker with electrodes in the area of Elishuv’s brain that was the source of the hand tremors which prevented her from playing, and the electrodes emitted impulses to suppress the tremors.

A YouTube video of the surgery shows Elishuv, a former Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra violinist, playing the violin pre-surgery with the hand tremors. The video then skips forward to show her playing the violin during the surgery while the neurosurgeons located the spot in her brain to implant the electrode.

“When we turned on the electric current, we saw the tremor melt away,” Fried said.

“It’s a shame that I didn’t know about this operation before,” said Elishuv, who was forced to give up playing the violin nearly two decades ago. “Now I’m going to live again.”

Watch Naomi Elishuv play Mozart before and during surgery below:

Music Video: Israel, You’re Not Alone

With the turmoil currently happening in Israel, Zac Waller was recently inspired by the words “Israel, you’re not alone.”

Feeling a challenge to release this song immediately, due to it’s timely theme, Zac recorded a few scratch tracks on his own and then took the song to Nashville, TN. Within just a few days, a fully recorded, mixed, and mastered song was produced by a top quality studio in country music’s capital of the world.

His faithful media team took their cameras to downtown Nashville and rural Franklin, TN, and in less than half a day (and less than 48 hours before Zac and team were scheduled to fly to Israel), filmed a beautiful music video.