By Ali Waked

I have lately been watching Arabic news reports on “Mosaic,” a program on the Link Channel (Direct TV 375). I’ve reported previously that virtually all of the news is “managed” by the various dictatorial governments. I’ve confessed to being a loss to refute the “news” from Iran, which seemed to be totally invented.

The story below, from Syria, shows the incredible extremes to which these pathetic dictatorships will go to discolor a story. The whole world has seen the Gaza withdrawal and understands that it was a unilateral Israeli decision, not at all influenced by anything the Palestinians did. Yet this story, which well could have appeared in Alice in Wonderland, draws an entirely different picture for gullible readers. It’s no wonder that Arab citizens, many of whom are illiterate to tell the truth, generate so much hatred for this cartoon picture of Israel and its situation with the Palestinians.

In propaganda, the idea seems to be to work in some lies and half truths in a general frame of truth. In this story, every single statement is a lie. —Zola

The withdrawal from the Gaza Strip constitutes an Israeli defeat, according to comments made on Syria’s official radio station. Notably, the station represents the government view on political affairs.

The pullout is a “victory for the Palestinian people and proof of Israel’s failure despite the military pressure exerted on the Palestinians by (Prime Minister) Sharon,” commentators said.

According to the Syrians, the withdrawal marks the “failure of Israeli crimes, which were manifested through killings, assassinations, home demolitions… and other war crimes forbidden by international law.”

The Syrian commentators spoke excitedly about the pullout and said it marks “Israel’s admission to its defeat and its collapse under the blows delivered against it by Palestinian resistance groups, which did not spare victims in order to fight the occupation.”

“This victory and the Israeli withdrawal are an important step on the way to completing Palestine’s liberation ahead of the establishment of a Palestinian state,” one commentator said.

Despite the great excitement, however, the Syrians stressed that the road to a Palestinian state would not be easy, “as we’re talking about a racist enemy that does not hesitate to commit cold-blooded, barbaric crimes.”

The Syrians also said Prime Minister Sharon is using the pullout as an attempt to evade the American-brokered road map peace plan.