At one time Jewish People made up a large community in Iraq. They lived successfully, although they endured various degrees of persecution along the way. In 1941 things began to change dramatically resulting in a terrible pogrom (an organized massacre). 1948 and 1967 brought new waves of persecution along with the forced relinquishment of property. Many precious articles of Jewish history were plundered by the Iraqi government as most of the Jewish People fled or were airlifted to safety. The government of Iraq imposed intense restrictions on those who remained, causing them to live in fear of persecution, beating, and murder.

In 2003, the looted belongings of a 2,500 year old Iraqi Jewish history were discovered by Coalition forces searching the flooded basement of Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters. Recognizing the historical value of the treasures, Coalition members contacted the US National Archive who stepped in to recover and restore the collection of nearly 2,700 books and 10,000 personal records. In order to take the archives out of Iraq, the US agreed to return them once the costly restoration was done.

HOWEVER, we are asking you to join your voice in pleading with the US to do the right thing by the owners of the archives, the Jewish People not Iraq who plundered them from Iraqi Jews through acts of intolerance, prejudice, persecution, and brutal treatment. One tragedy was averted by the generosity of the United States stepping in to restore these precious documents of history. Another tragedy is on the horizon as the Iraqi Jewish Archives are set to be returned to Iraq in June of 2014.

Can we expect Iraq — a country that refuses to recognize Israel and continues to show hatred to Jewish People — to handle the treasures of Jewish history with any respect? Can we expect Iraq to honor the valuable historic archive of a people they hate? No. We want to see the archives returned to their rightful owners.

Please speak up with us for what is right and add your name to the petition today. Take Action. Click here and sign The Petition NOW!

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