By Michael Schneider,

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics has released the following figures for 2008:

1. 1,970 newborn boys and 515 girls were given the name Noam. Among girls, Noa continues to be the most popular name.

2. Young people in a young state: There were 2,453,140 Israelis under the age of 1—a third of the total population.

3. 156,900 babies were born.

4. Following Noam, which means “pleasant,” the most popular names for boys in Israel are: Itai, Daniel, David, Idan, Moshe, Yosef, and Yonatan.

5. Following Noa, the most popular names for girls are: Shira, Yael, Tamar, Maya, Talia, Hila, Michal, and Adi.

6. Arab boys are often called by variants of the name Mohammed: Mahmoud, Ahmad, Muhamed.

7. Popular names among Arab girls are Hala, Nur, and Miriam.

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