By Aaron Klein,

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared three days of mourning following the death of an infamous terrorist leader whose career included leading the hijacking of airliners in the U.S. and vehemently opposing peace agreements with Israel.

According to Palestinian diplomatic sources, Abbas personally received lines of mourners for George Habash, who was the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group.

Habash, 81, died of a heart attack and was buried January 28th in Amman, Jordan. His PFLP gained notoriety in 1970 for hijacking four Western airliners over the U.S., Europe, the Far East and the Persian Gulf. The aircraft were blown up in the Middle East after passengers and crews disembarked. The PFLP in 1972 then gunned down 27 people at Israel’s Lod airport.

The PFLP continues operating from Syria, Jordan and the West Bank. More recent attacks include scores of deadly shootings against Israelis, the 2001 assassination of Rechavam Zeevi, Israel’s tourism minister, and suicide bombings on an Israeli highway and in Tel Aviv’s well-known Karmel Market.

According to Israeli security officials, the PFLP is the Palestinian terror group most proficient in carrying out successful drive-by shooting attacks.

Habash also led the second-largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization; the largest faction was led by Yasser Arafat. Habash strongly opposed interim agreements with Israel and, throughout his life, advocated terror attacks against the Jewish state.

Abbas’s official PA television ran continuous mourning coverage remembering Habash as a national hero.

Abbas, regarded by U.S. policymakers as a moderate, received a line of mourners at his office, interrupted only by a meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert during which the two discussed the peace process and Hamas’s recent breach of the border between Egypt and Gaza.

The Olmert and Abbas meeting was aimed at furthering negotiations started at November’s U.S.-sponsored Annapolis conference. The talks are focused on creating a Palestinian state by the end of the year.

6 thoughts on ““Peace Partner” Grieves Death of Infamous Terrorist

  • Shows you how serious they are about living in peace with the state of Israel.
    Do any international polititians ever stop and think this thru as to what these
    criminals actually are in their heart of hearts.


  • The Levitt letter publication is by far the most accurate material in circulation. I thank God for your efforts to keeping us informed of the truth, as our evening news falls way short of the mark. Let’s face facts shall we. Every independant State has the right to defend itself, and that is as it should be. But our enemy grows stronger and more evil everyday. They will always have successors. We can not stop bible prophecy from coming to pass. The end time is nearing more and more each day, and our sole responsibility is to be salt and light in this evil generation. God’s will for all is to be tranformed into the image of his son. Prepare yourself and be ready my beloved for our redemption draws nigh.

  • I don’t know why this would surprise anyone..the only difference between Hamas and Abbas’ PA is that Abbas is better at attempting to be politically correct in order to gain monies from our sometimes clueless politicians in Washington. Also check out http://www.israel21c/, they are also excellent sources of information pertaining to events in the Holy Land. May ZLM continue to be Blessed, I look forward to each and every issue. God Bless!

  • Hello My Friends,
    I love the Levitt Letter and the TV Programs. Just sorry that I am not able to help you financially. But I sure pray for all of you!
    I wonder what has become of Arieal Sharon (not sure if this is spelled correct).
    I know that he had a stroke many months ago, but I never hear anything else about him on the news. Is he still alive?
    Thank You for your reply,
    Emery & Betty Dotson

  • I really enjoy your progam on t.v. Miss Zola, as am sure all do. Recently lost my husband to pancreatic cancer and have been looking for place to donate my tiths too. Yours is one of 3 all to the People of Jersulam. I’m 70 year young American lady who loves the LORD. I pray for the peace of Jersulam and wish to visit someday. If the LORD

  • Most people do not realize the Islamic mind set. They do not believe in being part of the society to the countries they migrate to. One would wonder why they migrate to, say Sweden or Denmark. Their reason migrating to these countries so alien to their culture which includes language and even the climate, is to increase their numbers among the “infidels” under the delusion that some day they will win the world over to Islam.

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