The Palestinian facade is transparent to most rational people. They don’t even have to believe in God. Here is Pat Condell — an atheist — telling it like it is.

posted Sunday, November 25, 2012

2 thoughts on “Pat Condell “Peace in the Middle East” — video

  • The good Lord can even use an atheist to tell the truth! So what is so hard for our government to get the facts straight? Can oil be that simple of an answer?

  • Like the insightful word on Israel by pat Condell.But if its true that you are an atheist,the let me kindly ask you one question.All that you’re saying is very true but there is a conspiracy.My quetion is have you thought of it that there is a book that explains both the history and current state of Israel?Nothing is by chance,everything is well documented in the Bible.Anything that happens in the world has already taken place in the Word of God.Hope you will become a christian someday so as to understand life better because its only in Christ Jesus, are the hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge.God bless you…

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