(B H Publishing Group) Todd Starnes is a regular contributor of FOX & Friends and FoxNews.com. He writes a weekly column for Human Events and TownHall.com.
(B H Publishing Group)
Todd Starnes is a regular contributor of FOX & Friends and FoxNews.com. He writes a weekly column for Human Events and TownHall.com.

The Christian Post
By Todd Starnes , CP Op-Ed Contributor, November 28, 2014

We haven’t even had time to hang the mistletoe and would you believe there are already skirmishes breaking out in the war on Christmas?

The latest yuletide battleground is Butler Elementary School in Belmont, Mass.

Over the years I’ve covered my fair share of anti-Christmas schoolhouse shenanigans. There was the dimwit who confiscated a child’s candy canes and the dunderheads who banned the colors red and green. And how can we forget about the simpletons who outlawed classroom poinsettias or the Junior League communists who rewrote the lyrics to “Silent Night”?

But those are junior varsity skirmishes compared to what happened at Butler Elementary School – where the PTA canceled a field trip to see “The Nutcracker” because there was a Christmas tree on the stage.

I’m not making this up, folks.

Television station WHDH did a stellar job reporting this act of lunacy. They report that a group of parents were alarmed at the “questionable content” of the popular ballet.

The questionable content had nothing to do with men in tights. The parents got their tutus in a twist over “O Tannenbaum.”

“In the past years, there were parent complaints as “The Nutcracker” has a religious content,” PTA co-president Barbara Bulfoni told the television station.

Well, smoke some holly and call me jolly! Heaven help the unfortunate children who gaze upon a tree decorated with ornaments and sparkly lights and tinsel.

According to the reporting of WHDH, the issue came to a boiling point during a recent PTA meeting. Parents who supported the ballet were told accused of being discriminatory.

And to make matters worse, the PTA secretly canceled the trip.

Once the parents learned the trip had been canceled – they raised a ruckus and faster than you could say “Sugar Plum Fairy” – the PTA reversed its decision.

For the record – there are no reported instances of a child spontaneously converting to the Christian faith while attending a performance of “The Nutcracker.”

I commend the PTA for coming to their senses and I raise a cup of eggnog in their honor. I may need a double.

4 thoughts on “Parents Offended By Nutcracker Christmas Tree

  • I dont think th world will ever get rid of Christmas! The Son of the living God will come back to the world and find a christmas tree to welcome Him. Like Moses found a golden calve when he came back from the mountain. All for His honor! Moses was indeed very happy, and the Son of the living God will have no choice! Be happy Jesus, we did it for YOU! We people will never be able to change these things, but be assure He will come and change it, and we WILL play by His rules. He will rule with a rod of iron. If we do things our way because we like it that way, like Israel with the golden calve, it aint worship!!!! It is not about us, it is about the living God, who created all things, and He hates it. Jer 10.

  • I wonder what Jesus will say when He returns.
    We’ll never get Christmas, Easter, or the Feasts right for some people.
    I don’t eat cake for many reasons: sugar, wheat, carbs. Yet my family celebrates my birthday each year with a cake. They do it as a traditional birthday celebration and I enjoy having them honor me even if I don’t participate in that particular aspect. Jesus may feel the same, not caring about gift-giving, trees, or carols, but liking our remembrance of His existence. I would be sad to celebrate my birthday alone because the family couldn’t do it right.

  • As I said, it is not about us, it is about Him! What He wants and what He hates! He NEVER asked you or me to celebrate His birthday. 1 Sam 15:22. Rev 18:4. If you visit me! I will fix you a cake without carbs, for the wonderful work you do. Shalom shalom!!

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