Published by Free Arabs Channel on YouTube on Mar 21, 2013 under the title “Egypt: The Next President.”

“This 12-year-old boy is just stunningly, incredibly smart. Listen to him as he excoriates the Muslim Brotherhood, relentlessly dissecting their power grab for Egypt.

The original interview was published by the Egyptian newspaper El Wady, in Cairo, on Oct 19, 2012. Free Arabs ( is responsible of the editing, translation, and subtitles.”

One commenter on the YouTube post asked, “[Could] someone from Egypt confirm the subtitles for us? He might just [be] talking about unicorns and … someone clever just overlaid profound subtitles.”

shikabika100 responded: “Yes, they are 95% accurate, some expressions are very Egyptian and do not have an exact translation, few typos, but all in all this is what this kid is saying. I am so proud of him….I am Egyptian from Cairo.”

ZLM also hopes the youth of Egypt contain individuals as bright as this 12-year-old. Pray that Yahweh will guide him on the Internet to discover his Messiah Yeshua.

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