San Remo’s Mandate: Israel’s ‘Magna Carta’ –
Chris Mitchell’s CBN News report following the 90th anniversary of The San Remo Mandate

(Originally uploaded on Jul 9, 2010, following the 90th anniversary of the San Remo signing on April 25, 1920.)
The 1920 San Remo resolution answered a fundamental issue that still plagues the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks today: whether Israel has a right to the land. The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

2 thoughts on “San Remo Mandate: Israel’s Magna Carta–video

  • Thank-you so much for this powerful new video. It is so important for everyone to be educated about this historical mandate. It is so sad how the world is turning agains Israel today, in utter ignorance of these facts. God bless you. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the understanding of the world.

  • A second Arab-Palestinian State west of the Jordan River is a fantasy that will never happen. It is Jewish territory for eternity. As referenced below, there is no justification whatsoever for another Arab-Palestinian State west of the Jordan River.
    The Arabs have Jordan which is Jewish territory, the also have the homes and the over 120,000 sq. km. of the territory they confiscated from the over a million Jewish families they expelled who now reside in Israel and they also have over 13 million sq. km. the Arabs were allocated with a wealth of oil reserves, when the Ottoman Empire dissolved by the Allied forces in WWI.
    If you read the 1917 Balfour Declaration (Which emulated Napoleons 1799 letter to the Jewish community in Palestine promising that The National Home for The Jewish people will be reestablished in Palestine, as the Jews are the rightful owners). Nowhere does it state an Arab entity west of The Jordan Rive. The San Remo Conference of 1920 does not state an Arab entity west of The Jordan River. The Mandate for Palestine terms does not state an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. It specifically states a Jewish National Home in Palestine without limiting the Jewish territory in Palestine. It also states that the British should work with the Jewish Agency as the official representative of the Jews in Palestine to implement the National Home of the Jewish people in Palestine. I stress again; nowhere does it state that an Arab entity should be implemented west of the Jordan River.
    As a matter of historical record, The British reallocated over 77% of Jewish Palestine to the Arab-Palestinians in 1922 with specific borders and Jordan took over additional territory like the Gulf of Aqaba which was not part of the allocation to Jordan.

    No where in any of the above stated agreements or any resolutions that provides for an Arab entity west of the Jordan River. It specifically states political right to the Jewish people. The U.N. resolutions are non-binding with no legal standing. The Oslo Accords is null and void.
    YJ Draiman

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