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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

At the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in front of an audience. Netanyahu voiced his concern about the recently implemented nuclear agreement between Iran and Western powers.

“There is no connection to the lifting of sanctions or the lifting of restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program to Iran’s behavior. It [Iran] can continue to send its terrorists and its covert armies and overt armies throughout the Middle East, and would have the freedom to enrich as much uranium as it wants. … I hope that I’ll be proven wrong. I hope that Iran will be seen to be a moderate country … changing its internal repression, stopping its external aggression.”

Netanyahu went on to compare Iran to a terrorist organization, saying, “I think Saudi Arabia recognizes … as do many in the Arab world that, they see Israel as an ally rather than an enemy, because of the two principal threats that threaten them. The first is Iran, and the second is [Islamic State].”

Netanyahu also called on Abbas to return to the negotiations table: “I’ve said it every place that I’ve been, and he’s refused to come. And that remains the problem. He wants to go around the negotiating process and have an international diktat at the U.N. or wherever. And that is not the way we’re going to resolve the issue. You have to sit down and negotiate. We’re willing to do it. They’re not. I hope they change their minds.”

The prime minister added that his only goal was to “ensure the future of the Jewish state. I would like to be remembered as the protector of Israel.”

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