Islamic students reportedly taunted ‘unclean’ animal

A Muslim high school student’s intolerance for a service dog needed by a student teacher with a disability has reportedly prompted the student teacher to abandon the last 10 hours of his scheduled assignment at Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn.

The St. Cloud Times online said the situation developed with student teacher Tyler Hurd, 23, of Mahtomedi, who hopes to teach special education.

He’s a student at St. Cloud State University, and was assigned to Technical High School in the St. Cloud district for his 50 hours of student teaching, and took with him his service dog, Emmitt.

The newspaper said Hurd needs a service dog because of a childhood injury that leaves him with seizures, sometimes happening as often as weekly. The black lab is trained to protect Hurd when he has a seizure.

The school district told the newspaper it wasn’t really a threat.

“I think it was a misunderstanding where we didn’t really prepare either side for possible implications,” Julia Espe, curriculum director for the public schools, said.

Hurd, however, reported a student threatened to kill his dog. He said the threat came from a Somali student who is Muslim. Minnesota has a large Somali population, mostly Muslim, and they have been involved in issues over their religion in the past.

At the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, many taxi drivers are Somali Muslims and they have raised objections to carrying passengers with liquor. Airport officials finally threatened to remove from the cab drivers’ line waiting for fares anyone who refused a passenger over the issue.

WND also has reported on the dispute over a taxpayer-funded school in a Minneapolis suburb serving mostly Somali Muslim students and accusations that Islam is being taught at the public facility.

Islam forbids its adherents from touching dogs.

Hurd earlier spent some time student teaching at Talahi Community School, where he said his experience was good. He told the newspaper Somali students there even petted his dog, although they used paper to keep their hands from actually making physical contact.

But at Tech, Hurd reported, students taunted his dog, and he left when he was told a student threatened the animal.

University officials said they waived the remaining 10 hours of work that Hurd was supposed to have finished.

“We came up with a solution because I felt threatened by it,” Hurd told the newspaper.

A meeting was set up involving Kate Steffens, the dean of education at St. Cloud State, and assistant principal Lori Lockhart of Tech, in order to avoid future problems.

“We certainly welcome (Hurd) in our district, and we hope we can get this all resolved so he feels welcome and his dog is welcome,” Espe said.

The college places about 1,000 students in 240 regional schools to help them get ready for careers in teaching.

On the newspaper’s forum, “scorpionthoughts” said: “The last time I checked this is the United States of America!!!!! So many people are getting shipped over here and expect to be treated like they and their beliefs are better …. If you don’t like the way things are in this country – stay in your own … place of origin!!!”

3 thoughts on “Muslim Threats Force Out Disabled Teacher With Dog

  • I really don’t understand how this happening in the USA. I think about the many early immigrants who came to our great country from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc. They learned the language, became citizens, worked hard, and helped make this country even stronger. Who changed the rules?

  • Well Tami, this has happened because we and our “fearless” leaders became weak and started to grovel at the feet of the “gods” of tolerance and political correctness. We’ve become afraid of retailiation and of what the rest of the world might say and think. Want an example of how this line of thinking is a mistake? Check out other countries, such as England (Leeds in partcular) where there are spots of the country labled as “no- goes” because of their Muslim populations. France is in the pits because people like Bridgette Bardot was fined over $26,000 (American) for saying that the Muslims are “ruining” France (her words) and Denmark where the Minister of Immigration, Rikke Hvilshoj, who made no bones about Muslim immigrants needing to blend in, has paid the price for showing some backbone. When she rejected the demand that the government pay blood money to the family of a Muslim man murdered in Coppenhagen, the leading imam argued that in Muslim countries that a retribution payment was common, she (Hvilshoj) replied that what was done in a muslim country is not done in Denmark..The sponse soon after to her reply ..her house was tourched. For the first time. They refuse to embrace our culture, respect our tradtions obey our laws, participate in our legal system, speak our language, appreciate our history. the fact that tsome of our former presidents and our so called celbraties want to kiss up by bashing this country sickens me. To quote Ms. Hvilshoj (I believe this quote should be our motto too) she said about her country: ” In my view, Denmark should be a country with room for different cultures and religions. Some values, however, are more importantt than others. We refuse to question democracy, equal rights, and freedom of speech.” “Nuff said.” (my quote)

  • I’m constantly wondering why no-one (in authority)has bothered to discern between God and allah!—and why muslim law takes presidence over U.S. laws.Does Christianity or Judaism or ANY Religion have jurisdiction over United States laws?(which were BASED on Christianity and it’s freeedoms) This country is an entity unto itself–and allows ALL RELIGIONS–HELLO ! Not ALL LAWS! We must all be subject to U.S. laws!We are not (anymore)a Christian Nation(‘tolerance’ has done this)Freedom is what goes with Christianity,and our basic foundation,and those who would be an enemy of freedom ,do all in the name of tolerance,toward THEIR religion, and are themselves INTOLERANT—and by the way-where are all the ‘CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS’? Are they(we)eager to be a witness for God?or just talk the talk!—–ahhhh –Christianity in the easy chair.—Man ! it could get bloody out there–loving our enemy enough to be a Christian in armor!and BE what we talk about!How many of US are willing to wear the white robe?(because we all know there are REALLY no virgins—-but there IS the KING OF KINGS to welcome us………)

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