By Dean Nelson,

Sandra Samuel, background, has been awarded Israeli citizenship in recognition of her bravery and as 'a humanitarian step' to allow her to remain with Moshe Holtzberg, foreground Photo: DEBBIE HILL

The Indian nanny who saved a Jewish toddler from militants who killed his parents during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks is to be given Israeli citizenship.

Sandra Samuel, 46, a Christian from Goa, was looking after the two-year-old son of Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, when Pakistani gunmen attacked the Jewish center they ran in the heart of Mumbai.

Samuel, a recently widowed mother of two, was on one of the lower floors of the Chabad House Jewish Center when she heard machine gun fire on the upper floors. But when the sound of gunfire subsided the following day, she heard two-year-old Moshe crying for her.

Instead of running away, she went upstairs to look for the toddler and found him covered in blood between the dead bodies of his parents. As the terrorist commandos stalked the roof, Samuel wrapped Moshe in a blanket and fled the building to safety.

She was immediately hailed for her heroism, but has struggled to secure an Israeli visa to help her remain in the country caring for Moshe, who now lives there with his maternal grandparents.

According to a statement by the Chabad organization, the Israeli authorities have now granted Samuel Israeli citizenship to allow her to fulfill her hopes of looking after Moshe until he reaches adulthood.

Israel’s interior minister said he had conferred citizenship on her in recognition of her bravery and as “a humanitarian step” to allow her to remain with the child.

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