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The Jewish roots of Christianity

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The following Macromedia Flash presentation was created by Udi Ohana of Kfar-Saba, Israel. It is from the point-of-view of an Israeli and shown here with his permission.

Notes from the author:

This presentation isn’t intended to be a comprehensive history of the Middle East, or to deal with all the aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The goal of this presentation is to provide a brief summary for those who don’t have the time to go into the deeper details of the conflict, and also for those who see Israel as the warmonger of the Middle East and a cruel aggressor. This presentation was created on a volunteer basis to promote a better understanding of the current situation in the Middle East.

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Also see Dr. Thomas S. McCall’s series of articles entitled “Israel: the Center of Divine History,” which details the historical events of the last century that led up to the establishment of the modern nation of Israel.

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