A protest by hundreds of Osama Bin Laden supporters sparked fury outside the US Embassy in London today as they staged a mock ‘funeral service’ for the terror leader.

Police stepped in to separate the protesters and members of the English Defence League amid threats of violence from both sides.

Radicals carrying placards proclaiming ‘Islam will dominate the world’ branded U.S. leaders ‘murderers’ and warned vengeance attacks were ‘guaranteed.’

Protesters argue with police officers as they attempt to regain control of the situation in central London
Muslim protesters clash with police outside the American Embassy in London

For many, it was a shock that the protest was allowed to go ahead in the first place as it came shortly after the verdict into the 7/7 inquest was released by Lady Justice Heather Hallett.

She recorded that the 52 victims had been ‘unlawfully’ killed when four terrorists attacked three London Underground trains and a bus in 2005. Relatives of the victims wept openly as the judge announced her verdict and she paid tribute to their ‘quiet dignity’ before reading the name of each person who died.

Police try to protect one of their colleagues as he gets into difficulties during the protest
Muslim demonstrators outside the U.S. embassy protest peacefully before they clashed with police

However just three miles from the Royal Court of Justice, Muslim protester Abu Muaz, 28, from east London claimed ‘it is only a matter of time’ before another attack and that the ‘West is the enemy’.

The capital has seen heightened security in recent days over fears of a revenge attacks by Al-Qaeda members.

The protest against Bin Laden’s death was organized by controversial preacher Anjem Choudary, who praised both 7/7 and the September 11 attacks.

The former UK leader of the outlawed al-Muhajiroun and member of the ‘poppy-burning’ Muslims Against Crusades extremist group called on the U.S. to return bin Laden’s body to relatives.

The demonstrators chant slogans and show off home-made placards as they walk close to Grovesnor Square in central London
The Pro-Bin Laden supporters pray for the al-Qaeda leader during the protest
This youngster waves a flag of support as he is carried atop a man's shoulders as they walk close to the embassy
Muslim women (we are told) in niqabs offer prayers for the al-Qaeda leader outside the embassy

He has already warned of another 7/7-style terror attack in the wake of Bin Laden’s death.

Britain has followed the US in placing its embassies, diplomatic missions and military bases around the world on heightened alert in recent days.

An EDL member did manage to slip through police lines to unveil an effigy of Bin Laden in the middle of the 300-strong group of extremist Muslims.

It prompted screams of ‘USA, burn in hell’ and ‘Obama, burn in hell’ from angry protesters.

The protests from both sides left onlookers in Grosvenor Square unimpressed.

Members of the English Defense League met at the U.S. embassy to confront the Muslims during the protests

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