A man wielding a shotgun entered a church and opened fire as congregants watched a youth performance Sunday, July 27 2008, killing two people and injuring eight others, police said. The gunman was tackled by church members and eventually taken into police custody. No children were injured. A hospital spokeswoman said five of the wounded were in critical condition.

A church member who arrived moments after the shooting said the gunman fired three times and was tackled. Officials wouldn’t say exactly how many people helped subdue the gunman. “It was a large group and we are thankful for them for without it, this situation could have been even worse,” Mayor Bill Haslam said.

Jeff Seif’s comment:
My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I’m publishing this article to commemorate them and solicit prayers on their behalf, and to extol the virtues of those who bravely subdued the gunman. I have long advocated that the world would be a much safer place if men would stand up and act decisively and bravely in defense of life and property. “Bravo!” I say, and may we see more and more heroes like them here, in Israel, the Middle East, and elsewhere!

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