By Charlie Butts

1-1 ChristmasTreeGovernor Steve Beshear’s administration previously decided to make this year’s tree on capitol grounds a “holiday” tree instead of a “Christmas” tree, reportedly attempting to be inclusive of other religions. Kent Ostrander of the Family Foundation tells OneNewsNow that Kentucky residents’ opposition kept the governor’s staff busy.

“We are very pleased because the governor of the state has backed down,” Ostrander reports. “He’s going ahead and calling it a ‘Christmas’ tree, and our thanks [goes out] to everyone who prayed, who phone called [and] who sent e-mails. It’s a wonderful victory in keeping Christ in Christmas….” 1-1 SteveBeshear

Ostrander suggests the governor really erred in trying to be all-inclusive. He says Beshear ultimately “…excluded Christians from Christmas when he made [the tree] a ‘holiday’ tree, and that’s the one exclusion that he shouldn’t have made.”

Family Foundation is going forward with a gathering to be held December 7. It will consist of a time of Christmas worship and caroling around the tree on state grounds. Ostrander stresses that the gathering will not be a time of protest, but a time to bless the Lord.

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