Anti-Semitic graffiti and anti-Semitism fighter Jon Lovitz

After three teenage girls left dog poop and anti-Semitic syrup graffiti in front of the home of a classmate whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors, actor/comedian/critic Jon Lovitz sprang into action.

Lovitz, who is a friend of the family, took to Twitter to denounce the hateful act as perpetrated by “3 popular girls in school who did this” to bully his friend’s daughter. “You mess with me, I retaliate … TIMES TEN!” Lovitz continued. “Jews are no longer victims. And the world doesn’t like it.”

The perps were eventually apprehended, but not charged. The involvement of a mother who drove them to the home is still under investigation.

Lovitz followed up with his own update, telling his Twitter followers that the girls “have been expelled from their school permanently.”

Bullies: 0, Jon Lovitz: 0 (because 10 times 0 is still 0).

Despite the final score, ZLM is with Jon in claiming this a victory!

3 thoughts on “Jon Lovitz Proclaims Victory in Crusade against Global Anti-Semitism

  • Praise God for Jon Lovitz taking a stand against stupidity in the name of race. These girls are going to be real popular now though, shuned by their friends and alienated by everyone else. What a future, hopefully they will repent and do what is right in God’s eyes instead of theirs or whomever taught them to hate.
    We need to pray for them and others who out of stupidity, self hate, lies taught to them by their elders and their blind following of general world view of Israels and the Jewish people.
    Hopefully someone will stand up and teach these girls what is true and just.

  • Anti-Semitism was taught to these girls, their punishment was too light. They won’t learn a thing from just being expelled from school. They will probably think it is funny. Navigating through life to reach adulthood is difficult enough without being taught to hate. The individuals involved in this “education” are going to pay a heavy price when standing before their Maker.

  • I knew I loved Jon Lovitz for more than his role on City Slickers!!!!
    Amen for Jon.
    I pray he is a Born Again Believer in Yeshua

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