By David Horowitz,

An American Secretary of State should be in Baghdad brokering a reconciliation between Iraqi factions and locking down a victory for which nearly 4,000 Americans gave their lives. Iraq is the central front in the holy war against the West being waged by al-Qaeda and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and an American defeat in Iraq would lead to an escalation of that war to proportions that would make the current conflict in Iraq seem tame by comparison.

Instead, Condoleeza Rice has been shuttling between capitals in the Middle East in an attempt to feed a piece of Jewish meat to the jackals in the West Bank in the hopes that bribery and concessions will turn them into doves and they will agree to live side by side with a non-Islamic state — a state run by pigs and monkeys, whom their prophet has cursed.

This will not happen. The Palestinians do not want to live alongside a Jewish state in the Muslim Middle East, they want to destroy it. The majority of Palestinians have voted for a party, Hamas, which is dedicated to the “obliteration” of the Jewish state, as it declares in its charter. Eighty years ago the Arabs of Palestine were given a state in Jordan, carved out of the Turkish Empire. Fifty years ago they were given another state on the West Bank and in Gaza. They rejected the second state because the plan that created it from the land once owned by the Turks also created a Jewish state, half of which was arid desert. This inspired a sixty-year war against the Jews — men, women and children — which concessions like the ones Bush and Rice are pressuring Israel to increase only led to further slaughter and new demands.

The Munich Bush and Rice have prepared for Israel in Annapolis will fail ultimately because the Palestinians are terrorists whose only path is violence and whose unwavering goal is genocide — the destruction of the Jewish state. Seventy percent of Palestinians support suicide bombing and seventy percent support Hamas. The other thirty support the Islamo-fascists of Fatah and their terrorist armies: the al Aqsa Martyrs Bridge, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Palestine Islamic Jihad.

It’s indicative of the bad faith of the Annapolis architects that they have persuaded Syria, the unindicted co-conspirator of the Axis of Evil, the destroyer of Christian and democratic Lebanon, the refuge for Saddam’s bloodthirsty lieutenants, to come to the table and parley for a return of the Golan Heights so that they can begin shelling Israeli farmers again.

The Annapolis Munich is a betrayal of Israel, but it is a betrayal of America and its soldiers as well. The armorer of the terrorists in Iraq is Iran; the force behind Hezbollah and Hamas in the Middle East is Iran. The Palestinians are not the cause of the Islamic crusade against the West; they are an integral part of it. Giving them a piece of Israel in East Jerusalem will not satisfy their hunger for conquest. It will only whet their appetite for more.

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