By Viva Sarah Press

Lemurs at the Ramat Gan Safari beat the heat with popsicles.
As temperatures continue to rise, the animal populations at the Israel’s zoos are finding it tough to cool down. The Ramat Gan Safari staff came up with a novel way to keep the animals cool: popsicles.

The custom-made popsicles came in three flavors: fruit, fish, and blood.
Bears, tigers, monkeys, wolves, lemurs, and penguins clamored for the yummy cool treats as the mercury rose.

A bear licks a popsicle to cool down at the Ramat Gan Safari.

And just as humans have preferences, the animals are no less picky. The lemurs prefer sweet, fruit flavor ices while the tigers covet the frozen red meat treats.

2 thoughts on “Israel’s Safari animals beat the heat with popsicles

  • Dear Friends,
    How wonderful to see such a unique way to treat animals. My compliments to the Israeli zoo keepers. Even animals need consideration in the heat. God bless the people of Israel. Have a popsicle on me.
    Love ya,
    Mary C. Thurairatnam

  • Once again the Jewish heart shows compassion and mercy. Tikkun Olam is their national trait, if only more nations were led by the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. This worlds only hope is the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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