In September of 2001, crowds of Arabs in numerous nations passed out candy and danced in the streets to celebrate the treacherous destruction of the World Trade Center. Israel’s Jewish National Fund, known for planting trees in Israel, dedicated a “Living Memorial” on November 12, 2009. You can see highlights of the opening ceremony and learn more in this four-minute video:


Anyone who doubts that Israel is a staunch ally of the U.S. should see this.

One thought on “Israel’s 9/11 Memorial

  • This is absolutely the most beautiful gift a country could give to another country, in thier time of sadness. I see why more so now why GOD has chosen the JEWISH people as his. We to have chosen the JEWISH people as ours also. As a Christian United for Isreal, I and my wife will always stand by you O’ Isreal. I fly your flag(The Star of David)next to old glory(Stars and Strips) on my house.There is something about the colors of the two flags fliing together that represents something bigger then ourselves.


    Tracee & Cheryl Leonardson

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