By Lahav Harkov

In “Zenga Zenga,” musician Noy Alooshe remixes Libyan leader’s speech with hip-hop song.

“Zenga Zenga,” a YouTube clip, has gone viral among Libyan rebels in the past few days. What many of those opposing Libyan ruler Moammar Kaddafi don’t realize, however, is that the video, a mash-up of Kaddafi’s speech and the hip-hop song “Hey Baby,” is from Israel.

The clip shows Kaddafi’s speech on a balcony in Tripoli, and uses Autotune to turn his words into a song. In the chorus, the Libyan dictator “sings” that he will clean Libya “inch by inch, house by house, room by room, alley by alley.” One version also features a bikini-clad woman shaking her hips in time to the music.

The video, which had nearly 400,000 hits on its original version and another 40,000 in the woman-free version [featured below], was created by Israeli musician Noy Alooshe.

Nearly all of the comments on the video are in Arabic, with viewers debating in the talkbacks whether it is permissible to enjoy humor from an Israeli.

“The Arab world is crazy about it,” Alooshe told a TV news station. “The opposition [in Libya] is using the clip to make Kaddafi look ridiculous.”

Alooshe added that the clip was featured on Libyan rebels’ websites.

Alooshe is a member of the Israeli techno group Chovevei Tzion, whose biggest hit “Rotze Banot” set Hebrew words to the Swedish dance song “Boten Anna.”

2 thoughts on “Israeli’s Kaddafi spoof “Zenga Zenga” is a hit with Libyan protesters

  • c’est tragique qu’un chef d’etat traite son peuple de cette manière et en 2011 mais je crois qu’il faut laisser les lybiens arracher leur liberte ,la liberte à un prix et de lourds sacrifices ………………

    it is tragic that a head of state treats its people this way and in 2011 but I think we should let the Libyans wrest their freedom, freedom at a price and sacrifices

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