The tiny State of Israel can’t catch a break. It doesn’t matter how much good Israel does for the world, it has become trendy to demonize Israel. The Arab nations call for the destruction of the State and the world ignores it. Jews are being targeted in hate crimes and the world ignores it. Syria are slaughtering each other and the world ignores it. Israel puts up a safety checkpoint and it becomes the primary concern and condemnation by the UN.

This video is just a minute example of what Israel does on a regular basis for its Palestinian neighbors. It would be nice to see a single Arab country report any sort of humane story about Israel.

One thought on “Israeli’s helping Palestinians – Aya on the Beach

  • Israel is a very generous nation. They will help anyone, including Muslims. Muslim nations won’t even help each other. The old saying that ” no good deed goes unpunished ” certainly applies.

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