Police nab Temple Mount terrorists

Israel on Sunday (April 7) revealed that its security forces recently captured a Hamas terrorist cell operating out of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

The five-man cell had been behind a string of recent stone and firebomb attacks on and around the Temple Mount. Nine Israeli police officers were wounded last month in one of the firebomb attacks.

Materials to make the firebombs were smuggled onto the Temple Mount by Arab children, whom the terrorists knew were less likely to be searched by Israeli security.

The terrorists said they were motivated by alleged Israeli efforts to “Judaize” the Temple Mount (hint: it is already Judaism’s holiest site for well over 3,000 years).

They also took issue with so-called desecration of the Koran at the Temple Mount. The incident they were referring to involved an Israeli police officer who last month moved a chair, causing a Koran to fall onto the floor. (That last sentence is not a joke.)

One thought on “Israeli police nab Temple Mount terrorists

  • whether it will take an earthquake to destroy that abomination of desolation (dome of the rock) whether a missile or a bomb, whatever it will take, even a voice from the Heavens, but that desecrated thing and all the instruments (the Koran) that goes with it will be one day destroyed, and not far into the horizon. its fast approaching, Jerusalem must and will remain the Eternal City not just for the Jews (some of whom have turned against their faith, worshipping foreign gods, human rights agitators against their own people, Jews who are liberals and can join such movements as same sex unions, etc, others leak state secrets to the enemy etc) but Jerusalem and the Land called Beulah (land married by Jehovah) are the Lords.
    The day the government will try to divide that land in the name of the so called “Peace” (let Livni et al) be ware! i say “that day”, when they shall say, “peace, peace”, the bible says “sudden destruction will come upon them as a woman in travail and they shall not escape”!!!!!!
    LET UN talk, let UNESCO take the holy sites, that is for a moment before the overflooding sweep the land! We, who are bible students know that we are not far from the times!! God Bless Israel and its leaders, God bless the BLIND of the House of God. Don worry about the Arabs, worry whether you are doing the right thing!!!

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