A senior lawmaker says Iran is considering a plan to cut off the country’s economic transactions with South Korea’s Samsung. This commercial is from an Israeli cable company offering new subscribers a Samsung Tablet with apps. The Mossad agents in disguise (veils), arrive at the Isfahan nuclear facility and meet up with another Mossad agent who shows them his new Tablet with apps. When one of them pushes the wrong app, the nuclear facility in the distance explodes.

Video sound: The sound doesn’t kick in until the actual ad begins at 0:50.

A comment on the YouTube website protests with this explanation: “The bug is nicknamed khumeni (NOT Khomeini). Its nickname derives from the Hebrew word ‘khum’, which means ‘brown’. Its similarity to the Iranian name Khomeini is a mere coincidence.” The explanation doesn’t detract from the humor at the end as an agent swats a buzzing khumeni.

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