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I voted absentee in Jerusalem

Shabbat was a glorious day.  Bright and sunny and temperature in the mid 70’s.  I visited and ate lunch with friends at Focaccia, walked around Jerusalem and ate again.  It’s not a visit to Jerusalem with eating at Focaccia.  It was indeed a time of resting and refreshing.

Today dawned another bright and crisp morning.  After Shabbat, the city is really coming alive with the sounds of building, cars everywhere and people back to their weekly work.  Another stop at Aroma Cafe for my annual almond croissant, and I am ready for the day.  I cannot believe I leave this evening for the States.  I am so blessed to be coming back on the 15th with a group.

I voted absentee at the U.S. consulate last week in Jerusalem.  What an experience.  Ken Berg, Jeff and myself were not going to make it back to the States in time to vote, so we headed to the consulate.   Went through security and waited in a room that looked just like the ones back home—you know, with the plastic chairs arranged in two rows back to back.  There were lots of pictures of the President, VP, and Secretary of State, and of course the American flag.  A piece of the States right in Jerusalem!  We waited and waited and were finally helped by a sweet lady from Ft. Worth.  We wrote in our picks and were out of there.  I am hoping my vote really makes it to the States.

Thank you for your prayers for this tour.  God bless America.  God bless Israel.

7 Responses to “I voted absentee in Jerusalem”

  1. Dixie McLelland Says:

    I voted today, cannot imagine the thoughts or ideas of anyone who would vote for someone who will not pledge to the flag, we cannot say we did not know who and what he was. I cannot help but think that Germany voted and voted for Hitler. Not that Obama is a Hitler but I am sure his change is not….. May God’s will be done. Shalom

  2. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Hello Sandra,

    I am worried about you……What happened to your November 15th trip back to Israel again, the one you mentioned above…..I trust all has gone well for you.

    I pray you have had a very Blessed Christmas Season and that you are well…..Was the trip cancelled?

    You have my prayers for you and all the crew and your family to have a wonderful New Year….Give my love and best wishes to Jeff….God bless all of you and give you strength to do the job set before you…..All of you are such a blessing to us…God bless you.

    Dortha Mae

  3. Byron Says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Your absentee vote letter just reminded me of the time our Savior will reign from the God given land of Israel from Jerusalem! We all long for that glorious time of peace!

    ware fmly

  4. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Dearest Sandra,

    I was so happy for you when I read that you are retiring. I have felt for some time that you need a rest…..God bless you my dear one.

    I do not know the procedure to send you an email so I hope you read this…..I was so happy to at last get to meet you in person in Redding in July…..You have done such a wonderful job and I know you will still be active in the Ministry……I am also happy for Will to be back in the States again…..Bless his precious heart.

    I see you will still be taking some trips to Israel with groups and that is wonderful, you will be missed from the program with Jeff….I tape all the programs so I will always have you with me.

    Looking forward to the day we will be working together with our Lord….We are living in the last generation that is for sure….I have enjoyed the Inauguration festivities today and our new President certainly has my prayers…..Our Nation needs God more now than any time I have ever remembered.

    God bless you my dear one….Take care and remember we do pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    Dortha Mae

  5. Sue Dodd Says:

    Dear Sandra,

    I left a message for you on one of the websites there and am not sure you will get it so I’m writing you another.

    I understand your need to retire but I am also saddened that we will no longer see you on the programs. You are such an inspiration and will be missed more than words can say.

    If you ever get tired of retirement, please consider returning to Zola Levitt Presents.

    Love and blessing,
    Sue Dodd

  6. Pastor Robert Craig Says:

    I appreciate your comments. As a Black American Christian, I was also concerned about our country’s faith in the hands of Obama. To that end, and because so much of what he stands for was anti Jehovah’s Word, the Bible, I could not vote for him. However, now that he is President, as required by Gods Word, pray, and will continue to pray for him and all of our leaders. Please pray for America!

    On another note, I have always wanted to go on a Zola Levitt tour of Israel. I was so sadden when he passed; however, I assumed that Sandra could do as good of a tour as did Zola. Now, I’ve recently been informed that the tour which I’ve signed up for this March, Sandra is not going. Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed. God Bless

  7. יחסי ציבור Says:

    If only people here were so devoted to voting…