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Life on the ground in Israel

Off to the ship today

Shalom from Athens!

We all arrived safe and sound and tired on Wednesday.   We dined like kings at our Athens hotel, the Divani Palace, and then crashed.

The tour of Athens yesterday was breathtaking.  The weather was perfect—around 75—and the Acropolis was as magnificent as always.  Crowded as always, also.  I think the stats are that 3000 people visit the Acropolis every day.  I heard lots of different languages, especially Russian.  After our morning touring, we all went on a walking tour of the Plaka and had lunch.  And yes, there are Americans here.  I guess with all the talk of recession, they just want to travel and spend all that money.

The group seems to be getting along and meeting with each other.  I love it when I see them praying with and for each other.  We are having some really nice fellowship.

Off to the ship today and the tour of Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos, Ephesus and finally off to Israel.

Happy birthday to my brother.  I won’t say how old he is, but he is my older brother.


5 Responses to “Off to the ship today”

  1. Connie W Says:

    These are amazing destinations. Thank you for sharing your tour.

  2. Louise Says:

    My favorite time of the year when Sandra writes her updates. I’ve been to Israel twice and on to Petra once, so I am living through her adventures. It feels like I am there. Thanks for the memories….

  3. Jennifer Blankenstein Says:

    More Sandra More!! When you’re not even in Israel, I check your blog at least once a week to see if you have written anything. Then I start checking daily about a week before you go on tour. I agree with Louise it is my favorite time when you are on tour writing updates. So, more Sandra more!! And thank you for doing this for us.
    God Bless,

  4. Dixie McLelland Says:

    I can see by the other comments I am not alone in my vicarious travels with you Sandra. Greece sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!! The closest I can come tonight is to cook something with my Cavender’s Greek Seasoning and read your blog. God bless you Sandra and keep us posted. Dixie

  5. Dortha Mae Spurgeon Says:

    Hello Sandra,

    What a joy to see you on this wonderful trip, only wish I was there with you, but it is wonderful to see it through your eyes and comments to us…..Oh how I would love to visit the Acropolis, it has been of great interest to me since I was a little girl……I am so happy for you and the others who get to make these trips, keep up the good work.

    It was such a joy for me to get to meet you in person on July 27th in Redding, California…..I was so excited and it meant so much to my daughter to get to do this for me…..I was there from the Rehab Center that day but I did get to go home 2 days later….I am feeling much better and gaining more strength….God is so good to us!!!!

    I wanted to say I am so sorry we had all that terrible smoke in our area while you were here, the forest fires were the worst they have ever been…..Redding is in a beautiful area and you could not see all the beautiful mountains surrounding us, I hope you can return some day and see all our mountains covered with snow….I also hope you did get to visit our Sundial Bridge that afternoon, if you did, I know you enjoyed it…it is quite a project, and many come to see it.

    God bless you Sandra and we will be looking forward to your every blog to keep us informed and make us feel like we are right there with you……Love to all of you, Dortha