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Life on the ground in Israel

It brings the Bible to life for them

The group left this morning at 1am headed back for the States.  There were several passengers that had planned on staying a few days after the tour and they are seeing Israel on their own.  As aways, a really great group of Believers and I will miss them. Our hotel, Prima Royale, really put on a show for our farewell dinner.  We ate on the patio and had a banquet of bar-b-que.  The weather was cool, food was good, and the fellowship was just the best.   My plane leaves tonight.

I try and ask everyone on the tour what their favorite site was in Israel.  I love the answers: Garden Tomb, Galilee boat ride, Masada, Golan and of course, Jerusalem.   The main reasons for their favorite site is that it brings the Bible to life for them.  It is hard to read about Yeshua walking on the Sea of Galilee or walk the Southern steps—the same steps Yeshua walked—and not have the Bible come to life.  I love to see the “lights” come on in the passengers hearts.  They love the Lord and they love Israel and will make great ambassadors for Israel.  

Today started out cool and rapidly got hotter.  I would guess the temperatures to be in the mid 90’s.  As I say, June is hot or hotter.

I ventured out today.   I have done just about everything in the day-to-day life in Israel, so I thought I would get my hair done.  What an experience.  There was a young lady in the two-chair shop getting her hair done for her bat mitzvah.  Her mother and younger sister were there to assist her.  The nice young man, Yoni, did a great job on me and I think it is one of the best cuts I have had in a long time.  A little shorter, but basically the same style.   When he finished, he told me I looked younger.  He knew how to get to me. 

I had to have the almond tempura one more time at Sukura, the Japanese restaurant.  It was as good as I remembered.  A wonderful way to end the day. 

Off to finish packing and then head to the airport!

I will be back in Israel, the Lord willing, in October.  Thank you for reading the blog and for your prayers.

6 Responses to “It brings the Bible to life for them”

  1. Dixiei Says:

    Dear Sandra,
    I hear the wistfulness in your “voice” as you leave home for Texas. May you bask in the beauty of the Lord and His holy city as you fly home. It would be fun if you posted a pic of your Israeli hairdo! Shalom, Dixie

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks again Sandra. Pray your flight went well.
    Jennifer B.

  3. Penny Prater Says:

    Glad to hear the tour went well. I’m looking forward to the Ezekiel series. God bless you!

  4. Connie W Says:

    I am delighted to have found your blog. I’ve been a viewer of Zola for many years and only recently have been viewing your podcasts on my Zune. Now I can read your blog too.

  5. PAT LOOC Says:


    Yes, hair style please! You were brave to get a cut.
    How are Christians generally received? I, too, found your blog, thanks!


  6. Tomi Tacaqua Says:

    Shalom Sandra,
    For my future information, please tell me where the Japanese restaurant is located?