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Life on the ground in Israel

A lady complimented me (in Hebrew)

The pecan pie turned out very well.  I would say probably my best effort.  Will has eaten about half of it already.

Will and I met with our friends Taki and Gavi at Tamago, a kosher sushi restaurant.  It has some of the best and freshest sushi I have had in a long time (here in Israel or in the States).  Really good. The Israeli’s eat late.  We got there at 7:30 and by the time we left at 9:30, there was hardly a seat or table to be had.   What makes it kosher sushi?  Mainly fish, no cheese, lots of veggies and of course, certified by a Rabbi.

Please note a change in the email address for Cindy and her Jerusalem Journal.  She has had so many responses to her site that she is asking that you contact her at a new address (see links on the right).  Thanks.   Her writing is so encouraging.  She is a gifted writer and story teller. 

As I walked to get my paper this morning, I was reminded that I have only a few days left before I head back to Texas and I have not finished making my “rounds.”  I have things to do and people that I like to talk to while I am here, and I just haven’t gotten it all done.  

I stopped in the Frankforter Center this morning, did some browsing and ended up buying a little something from them. I noticed that the pastries and coffee have expanded in service.  Will probably get the Hafuk (latte) tomorrow. They support the senior community with handicrafts from the seniors and other artists.  This shop is the one with the cute crochet dolls that I bought last time I was in Israel.  I visited with the laundry guys and the paper man.  

To walk on Bet Lechem street and have a sense of community is very special to me.  That they all speak Hebrew to me is a bonus.  That they lose me after “good morning” (boker tov) and “how are you” (ma nish ma) is okay too.  I was so excited this week when a lady complimented me (in Hebrew) on the scarf I was wearing.  She said she loved it and I understood enough of her Hebrew to say “todah” (thank you).  It is the little things in life. 

I must confess that I did go to Aroma yesterday and get an Almond croissant.  Probably my last until June. 

Weather is cool and clear.  Mid 60’s with sun.  

News from the Jerusalem Post:

Oldest Arched gate in the world Restored
The oldest gate in the world, located in Ashkelon hs been restored, nearly four thousand years after is was first built.  The Canaanite gate, which was constructed around 1,850 BCE as part of the port city’s fortifications, is believed to be the most ancient arched gate in the world.

Florida to host world’s largest Seder
According to a press release put out by the Israel Kabbala Center, some 5,000 people from Israel, Europe, and North and South America are expected to usher in the Festival of Freedom in Florida.

Israel education Center to open in U.S.
The first national center to provide resources for teaching about Israel at the pre-college level is being launched.   Lynn Schusterman announced the center’s launch Monday night in Boston before 1,300 day school educators at the nation assembly of Partnership fr Excellence in Jewish Education.

My plan for tomorrow includes dropping off the letters of protest at the Prime Minister’s office about the Temple Mount digging.  Thanks to all who sent letters.  They will be delivered as promised.   All we want is that any digging be certified and approved by the IAA, so that any Jewish artifacts are preserved properly. 

I’m off to downtown.  I have a little shopping (blessing) to do before I leave Israel.

4 Responses to “A lady complimented me (in Hebrew)”

  1. Dixie Says:

    I am checking out some of your links on the right, lots of fun and interesting. Have a great day! Shalom, Dixie

  2. Ruth Says:

    Dear Sandra,
    Your a cheerful giving friend to us. Your excitement in Israel shows thru your beautiful words of your life in Israel, thank you for sharing it all with us. I have noticed the beautiful clothing that you wear, so I can imagine the beautiful scarf that you were complimented for. You are a natural beautiful woman but your also pretty on the inside.
    Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. Someday we would like to take a tour with you all and be blessed with the Love of Yeshua. Shalom, Ruth

  3. Lori Says:

    Dearest Sandra,

    It’s a week since leaving Israel, and Shoshana and I are ready to return……..all we talk about is our fabulous trip and the friends that we’ve met and shared with during our pilgramage. We truly felt a wonderful love and connection to you and Will, and will insure that a speaking engagement is scheduled for the two of you (remember Will the beach towels, or at least one will be required for the trip!) this coming winter. I’m trying to start a Jewish Roots Class on Saturday mornings at our congregation, as truly the Lord has impressed upon my heart the need for my Gentile brothers/sisters to be able to properly share the love of Yeshua with Jewish non-believers. Thank you once again for enabling Shoshana and I to be a part of your lives, and for your wonderful teaching during our trip; our morning devotions have truly come alive for both of us.

    Our love to you both,
    Lori and Shoshana

    PS. Sandra, I truly pray that the scarf that they are complementing you on is the leopard one…………..that would give me great joy!!! It’s all Good!!! Love you.

  4. Renee Says:

    Sandra, Love hearing about your stays in Israel, especially the food you buy and cooking, restaurants you eat at and such. You’re a woman after my own heart. If I ever get to Israel that would be my favorite part–after the people of course. But to explore the shops and markets and buy food in a new place, learning to eat and cook new thing–Such fun. And,I too, am trying to “bless” Israel with my shopping. Just bought a pair of Naot sandals–best money I ever spent. Very expensive on our budget, but worth every penny. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Also have been shopping in the Isreal/Middle Eastern section of my favorite groccery store and finding many great products. In the South Hills of Pittsburgh,Pa. a large Jewish community, so the store carries a lot of Jewish and Kosher products.