Treat yourself to an uplifting, six-minute virtual tour of the Apple of God’s eye. Gorgeous scenery, an abundance of smiles, and snappy music await you in the video below. See Israel’s seas, cities, harbors, architecture, archaeology, art, culture, technology, people, skies, sports, and varied wildlife. You’ll sky- and scuba-dive… no passport, parachute, or snorkel necessary. Such a rainbow of cultures and traditions, you may need to catch your breath before watching it again.

One thought on “Israel: Seeing is believing — video

  • If It’s Possible Could U send This Video Directly to my e-Mail Box i’ll Never Be Able to Go There on my S S Income Although I Am A Viet Nam Navy Vet. On A Destroyer DD859 “67-68” Either Way Thanks & as the Latinos say VIA CON DIOS . . . .

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