A reader wrote to ask if an email she had received was a legitimate request. The email she received is printed below the answer that Todd Baker provided. Israel needs our prayers always (Psalm 122:6), but especially when events such as this loom.

Answer from Todd Baker, Staff Theologian
Yes, this is true. The call for a third Intifada earlier this year started this whole negative chain reaction. There was a page on Facebook (originating from France) calling for the Arab world to rise up and kill all the Jews in Israel and liberate “Palestine” from the shackles of the Zionists on May 15th. Now this call for another Arab pogrom against the Jews is all over the Internet. You would think these obtuse anti-Semites would learn from history and God’s Word (given in Genesis 12:1-3) that the Lord emphatically declares that He will curse those who curse the physical descendants of Abraham–the Jews! History has proven this to be true: every nation (or individual) that sought to harm and destroy the Jewish people has been destroyed by the God of Israel in return–Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Czarist Russia, and Nazi Germany! It would appear that the Palestinian Authority and other Arab Muslim terrorists groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc) are waiting in line. But we know God has promised that Israel and the Jewish people will never be destroyed or removed from the Land again (Jeremiah 31:35-37; Amos 9:14-15). And that is all there is to that!

Original email circulating on the Internet:

The Elijah List put this out as it is extremely urgent regarding a very real threat to Israel. This is a call to prayer and fasting. Please take heed and be obedient to this most high calling.

“With all the government overthrows in the Middle East, the Islamic masses feel very emboldened to deal with Israel. There is a massive push going on to all over YouTube, Facebook, and Islamic sites to launch a march and attack on Israel three weeks from now, on May 15.

“It has been broadcast that with enough marchers pouring across the northern (Lebanon) and southern (Egypt) borders, that Israel could not get away with defensive attacks on civilians.

“Then, in the chaos, martyr attacks would be launched from the crowds all over Israel eventually bring down the Israeli government.

“All this has medium chance of happening because of Israel’s solid border defense; but if a few million did march, the shear numbers might overwhelm border defenses.

“Any action by Israel causing civilian deaths would add massive fuel to the fire, cause many more to march, and drag Israel into International World Court in Hague, Netherlands, where 60% of the member nations are Muslim.

After bringing down several dictators by shear numbers, Israel’s enemies feel the time to destroy Israel has come.

The word of the God of Israel has never been proven wrong, and this time is no different.

Have your friends praying urgently up to May 15, 2011.

5 thoughts on “Israel Is In Danger! A Call To Prayer.

  • i am so sick and tired of these less-than-human islamofascists and their flagrant dishonesty and shameful cowardice. if it were not for the inevitable death of thousands of jews – both civilian and military – i would pray that the animals try to attack israel. millions of them would be eliminated and good riddance ! i am also fearful that our leaders will not support israel, further alienating this once – great country from the Almighty.

  • Shalom,

    I will be honest with you I have been searching on the Internet every since 3 weeks before the fire broke out. God gave me a dream and it has been right on up to this point all of the Nations God showed would be involved are involved.

    But in that same dream he showed me an attack up on our nation.

    I was flown out of a window and taken to see each country rise up looking like fire and fear gripped me.

    I was flown into the hall of congress in Washington DC. I saw Hillary dressed in a purple coat with a flower at the throat, she was on a white latter and a fireman stood behind her and had his arms around the rungs and was holding on around her. Like in a rescue. My eyes were taken to the north and I saw Joe falling from the sky, then my eyes drawn back to her the latter her and the firemen went down and she was wearing the same coat but now it and the flower were red.

    My eyes then were turned to Joe he was now in free tumble fall and I could see his face, it started to wax melting, his ears and face was melting off like icing on a cake in the hot summer. I saw him cast down to the ground. I then saw a wave of great energy coming at the building it was night time. After I saw the wave then the blast then a shaking that knocked me to the floor in the room of records at the hall of congress.

    I saw the floor underneath my feet lite up like a light in it and appearing on it was the words of the Bible. I cried out to the Lord and ask him what to do he said pray and read the word. I wish I would of read exactly what was in the word. I did not being to gripped
    In shock or it wasn’t specific message to a specific word.

    Do all you can to get the world to pray, better if it is on the watch God took 2:00 to 5:00 AM. The 3:00 watch was the closer hour the Lord woke me for. It seems to be at the height of when all wicked evil is schemed.

    I am nothing but for him who live and dwell in me. Giving my time to pray is my reasonable requirement and our nation and Israel both need our prayers.

  • Was there a date, a month or even a year. Who is Joe??? Joe the Plumber??? Sounds like a Nuke. Was it supposed to be??? I do not want it to seem as if I am doubting… I just would like more info.


  • No need for alarm, dgroover. Pattie is relating her dream. Dreams often don’t make sense. She’s just sharing.

  • If the people of the assembly gather when these things come to pass and would speak with one voice ‘Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai” The LORD will hear from His Throne in Heaven and will will Rise for them to be a Fortress and Shield. It is His promise, and my prayer for them

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