Jack Kinsella

I’m not certain, but I don’t think that Hugo Chavez is likely to get a Christmas card from the White House this year. (Or a ‘holiday’ greeting card, or whatever it is that the White House will send as it pays homage to the politically correct.)

When ol’ Hugo took his turn at the UN podium, he began by saying, “The devil came here. Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.”

As Chavez made the sign of the cross and clasped his hands in a gesture of prayer, the UN delegates assembled broke into a round of sustained applause.

As Chavez ranted and raved against the United States, his audience, (seated in New York, New York, USA) alternatively chuckled and applauded. But they didn’t walk out. They kept to their seats, spellbound by an anti-American tirade that would have made Castro blush.

Chavez accused the U.S. of planning and financing a failed 2002 coup against him. If the US didn’t, it certainly should have.

Among the highlights of his address before his approving audience of UN delegates was his charge that America tries to impose its vision of democracy militarily in countries such as Iran and Iraq.

He called U.S. consumerism “madness” at a marathon news conference, saying Americans have wasteful habits in using oil and energy.

Really? The other day, I watched a thirty-second Citgo commercial extolling the “mad US consumers” to spend their money at Citgo stations buying Venezuelan gas and various sundries so that Chavez could buy the expensive suit he’ll have to replace after it was sullied by the sulfur smell at the UN podium.

I’d have to concur with Chavez on one point. Any American that does buy their gas from Citgo just might be a mad American consumer. Citgo is a wholly-owned Venezuelan state oil company. All of Citgo’s profits go straight to Hugo Chavez.

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